Soisy: interview with Pietro Cesati, CEO and Founder

Product improvement, to deliver a better user experience, and another gear in marketing and communication activities. These are the ways in which Pietro Cesati, CEO and founder of Soisy, would like to use the 900K euro which has boosted his Fintech startup following the recent share capital increase, in December 2017.

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Founded in 2015 and operating since 2016, Soisy is a peer to peer lending platform where everyone can take out a loan in order to purchase products in physical or online shops. Once a consumer has obtained the desired good, he pays for it in instalments with Soisy.

“We choose to focus on small physical shops because there is less competition and they are most in need of technology and innovation” explains Cesati, noting that the vast majority of the about 100 shops related to his platform belong in the music sector or are in the field of sport.

Those who invest with Soisy can indicate the amount, rating and duration of their investment and they can choose to have a guarantee of income return. In this case, agreeing to obtain a lower income, investors have a “money box” to protect their capital that pays in the event that one of granted loans doesn’t do so.


After the capital increase, “we will basically work in two different directions: product improvement and marketing and communication” Cesati affirms, looking forward without excluding the internationalisation of Soisy for e-commerce, with local potential partners.

In Italy, after a development and validation period of 18 months, “our product meets market needs, so it’s time to make the user experience even better with further functions becoming available”. Part of the capital of Soisy, at this stage, will be invested in marketing and communication activities in order to expand our community of users.

The Soisy team will continue to work towards these goals from the building “S32”, in Milan, “the perfect place to take advantage of the Fintech District community”. “We arrived here by looking for a more appropriate office and a better quality of community life between startup that working in the same place. We’re here and we are participating actively in the best national efforts to do something meaningful in Fintech sector by creating a community that fosters the exchange of ideas and partnerships, also becoming a reference point for politics, media and Venture capital”​

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9 Gennaio 2018