SuperNovae Labs: interview with Carlo Giugovaz, CEO

Supernovae Labs is testing its model abroad, starting from the Middle East and from Switzerland, and is going to activate its own innovation hub, “an observatory on innovation produced by banks and by corporations”. Carlo Giugovaz is the CEO of this service company specialized in leveraging the innovation brought by startups to transform the corporate business models and to capture the best investment opportunities in the initial phases. Giugovaz defines Supernovae Labs as “a boutique specialized in banking innovation with the ambition to become one of the engines of the renewal of the sector, thanks to our team and to a network of business technology and innovation professionals”.

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Its team is currently made up of 12 experts divided into 5 areas (retail, corporate, wealth management, HR and Legal) and SupernovaeLabs can also rely on 15 partnerships with associations, university incubators and specialists in the field of innovation and on a portfolio of over 50 companies between digital and fintech startups. Already in touch with almost two thirds of Italian banks, Giugovaz plans to conclude almost all contacts within the first six months of 2018. “With some banks we are already in advanced negotiations to implement these projects”, he explains, by adding that “we are expanding our offer to other markets too, starting from the Middle East and from Switzerland to test our model abroad. Soon we will activate our innovation hub: an observatory on innovation produced by banks and also by corporates”.

Supernovae Labs currently cover three markets: the fintech, the banking and the investor, offering fintech realities the possibility to create a specific value proposition for the banking sector and to be offered to banks in order to increase commercial development and to raise capital.

superNovae LabsFor banks, SuperNovae Labs is like an observatory regarding the world of innovation, both in banks and in fintech ecosystem. It also offers banks specialized services to create or implement innovation and, at the same time, it provides investors services like opportunity seeking, fintech portfolio management and the possibility of making industrial partnerships.

According to Giugovaz, Fintech Districtis an ideal place for those whose core business, like us, is banks and fintech companies. It is certainly a place that is giving international visibility to Milan and to Italy in the fintech context and in general”. Next steps of this fintech community based in the financial heart of Milan?

The first one could be to invest in increasing the level of interaction between the fintech companies themselves, “which means trying to create opportunities for mutual contamination”. The second step could be to increase the involvement of the institutional players, “not only banks but also all the other institutions such as insurance companies, corporates and institutional players that are on the market”.

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19 Marzo 2018