Synergies in community, OCS & REDO together to grow

We often talk about synergy but do they remains is a feeling of feeling of ideas and vision what remains? In the Fintech District community they these turn into agreements and business initiatives just like what as happened to OCS and Redo. Let’s let listen to the two protagonists, a corporate member and a fintech, tell us what has happened and what
will happen.

The point of view of OCS is illustrated by CEO Gianni Camisa

In FD’s matchmaking activity you met and chose Redo for your future. Can you tell us how it this went about?

In this case, I believe that the FD has fulfilled its essential mission, which is to create a link between “consolidated” companies that are innovating and looking for new market spaces and offers, and start-ups with potential that can meet those needs, both in terms of offer, approach and – finally – complementary skills.

Why Redo? What do you plan to do to enhance this acquisition?

Our strategy was to develop an innovative platform for micro-finance that had some key features: robustness, completeness, scalability and a real potential for integration with the traditional OCS offering. In REDO we found all these requirements and therefore it seemed natural to opt for the “buy” option as opposed to the “make” option which was the one originally chosen.

How does this operation fit into your broader growth strategy?

2021 ended well, with a strong growth on 2020 (which had already seen a jump on in the previous financial year), fuelled by a great effervescence of new projects, new customers and the roll-out of new solutions. The next few years – starting in 2022 – will see an even higher growth, supported by OCS’s new offering: in 2021 we have had many new end- point solutions that complementing our traditional offering offer We expect a lot from this set, starting with REDO, in terms of new national and international projects.

And now to REDO, to the founder Diego Mortillaro.

How did the FD support you in meeting big companies and opportunities and how did you experience the matchmaking with OCS?

The FD played a key role in creating matchmaking opportunities. The FD carried out an activity of assessment and evaluation of the coherence between Redo’s activities and potential Matches; this has always generated high value meetings for the parties involved. Finally, I would like to mention that the intervention of the FD has never required
particularly onerous commitment and/or activities for me and the team.

What do you think are the decisive factors that made Redo choose OCS?

OCS is a product-driven company for whom the ability to offer innovative solutions is crucial, especially at a time of great change in the financial services industry. Redo is a Ready-to-Use platform that has responded to a market need in a simple and effective way.

How will this operation impact Redo’s activities, nature and objectives?

This operation represents a great opportunity for of growth for Redo and its team. Thanks to OCS we now have privileged access to all major players in the financial services industry in Italy and abroad. Redo will therefore benefit from greater opportunities for development and growth.

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Author: Tudor Sava

9 Febbraio 2022