TackPay, the solution for digital cashless tips

Tackpay is a platform that allows users to send and receive digital tips, enables payment, protects it and also extracts feedback at each tip and makes it available to workers as tangible and useful data for their careers. Tackpay is addressed to all sectors subject to the payment of tips: waiters, porters, delivery men, barmen but also to other groups such as street artists. Much more often than you think of these people are denied money that they have earned with their skills, often because of employees or because they have no methods of accepting payment. At the moment TackPay is in an early stage and is testing the perfect product-market fit for launch in Italy, then aims to expand as soon as possible in northern Europe.

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The ideal potential partners for TackPay are the incumbent payment institutions that would allow it to offer its customers as many payment methods as possible at check out making this process easier and faster. Fintech District can help this startup to approach these players but also to get to know professionals and startups in order to create new synergies.


The TackPay team is young, has an average age of 25 years and consists of less than 10 people. Their background is an inexpensive IT background, they are currently recruiting new resources in marketing and software development.

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Author: Tudor Sava

30 Gennaio 2020