200 Crowd: interview with Matteo Masserdotti

200 Crowd is a platform which facilitates the meeting between companies and private investors with the aim of bringing private finance closer to companies that want to grow and have ambitious projects. Founded by Matteo Masserdotti, the current CEO, it has recently won a European tender with other partners from other member states.

“We will support startups that have projects in aerospace in a three-year growth path, during which there will also be a series of events in the field of crowdfunding but not only, also HR and corporate development, and a series of services that will allow startups to grow and, at the end of the path, to participate,with greater chances of success,in European funds and Horizon 2020 calls” explained Masserdotti, specifying that 200 Crowd is the only European portal to take part in this project.

Remaining in the European context, the CEO of 200 Crowd said that he had collaborated with the European Commission for improving the European regulation draft that is currently under discussion in the European Parliament. “We hope this new proposal, made to harmonize all states for crowdfunding activities, can generate new opportunities for European companies,” he commented.

Continuously active in the scouting of innovative companies, 200 Crowd is currently focusing a lot on the search for SMEs to be launched on the platform; not necessarily totally innovative but with innovative retail processes, for example, or with new ideas in the food sector. “We believe that private investors are very attracted to this type of activity, so we will soon be presenting some of them”, said Masserdotti. He is also working on the creation of a passive investment club that will automatically and systematically invest in all the companies we promote on the portal.

The first objective of 200 Crowd today is to position itself on the Italian level among the main crowdfunding portals, while continuing to work on the development of some algorithms to improve the ability in selecting companies.

Regarding the internationalization, Masserdotti explained that “the process has already started in part with the European project.” He is aware that it will not be as fast a process as maybe for other startups “because crowdfunding is a segment already consolidated enough , but we aim at some niches in which we could become leaders, such as aerospace “.

Being part of the Fintech District for a platform like 200 Crowd means participating “in a project of absolute value for startups operating in this sector. We are in the community to work and collaborate with other companies in the sector, especially those active in alternative finance and potentially other crowdfunding platforms or other types of companies that facilitate investment or finance to private companies. We are very happy to work with the Fintech District “.

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