FD goes to Salone dei pagamenti

From the fundamental role of the ecosystem to accessing capitals, integration and dialogue between Fintech and Incumbent, up to the need of promoting internationalization: the “Fintech goes to Italy” route which the Fintech District offers during Salone dei Pagamenti, from 7th to 9th November in Milan, will address all the strategic themes for the growth of Fintech with the aim of drawing attention to a sector in continuous growth,both in Italy and beyond.

During Salone dei Pagamenti, “Fintech goes to Italy” will bring to MICO Milano Congressi thought leaders, entrepreneurs and managers of the international and national financial world. There will be numerous events to discuss together the development and growth prospects of the Fintech ecosystem in our country.

Following the route proposed by the Fintech District in collaboration with Salone dei Pagamenti means being able to access content and in-depth information in English and learn about the main Fintechs active in Italy as well as foreign operators interested in entering our country.

fintech goes to Italy

“Fintech goes to Italy” sounds international and it really is. It is an initiative designed to encourage dialogue and collaboration, to bring innovation to financial services and accelerate the growth of the Italian ecosystem with a view to openness to the world, collaboration and co-creation of virtuous initiatives in the sector.

From 7th to 9th November participants will find in the program conferences and meetings to observe the current situation of the Italian Fintech ecosystem and discuss how collaboration impacts on it. There will also be an opportunity to talk about Venture Capital and explore possible strategies to increase the attraction of capital. Thanks to prominent guests from all over the world, “Fintech goes to Italy” from Milan proposes to the whole country to adopt an international point of view and evaluate challenges and opportunities for the present and near future.

Just over a year after its beginning, the Fintech District has established itself as a point of reference for the Fintech sector in the country and for all those who, from abroad, want to know better when it takes place in Italy. Bringing Fintech to Salone dei Pagamenti, offering spaces for discussion and suggesting food for thought and growth, means making sure the sector has the space it deserves within the most important Italian event on payment innovation, for institutions, banking and non-banking companies, public administration and professionals but also for exhibitors, citizens and students.

“We are proud to open the event up to an international audience organized by ABI” commented Alessandro Longoni, head of Fintech District, underlining that “a session in English is an important starting point for the internationalization of the our market and a greater understanding abroad of the dynamics that govern it. We hope the benefits of greater international openness will fall on the entire Italian market “.

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