financeAds: an opportunity for future unicorns

A collaboration between Fintech District and financeAds has started. What are the reasons for which this news can affect those who belong to the Italian fintech ecosystem? Let’s find out with the help of Alvise Perissinotto, Managing Director of financeAds.

financeAds is a marketing agency that helps banks, insurances, and Fintech to acquire clients for their online products through its network of relevant online publishers across Europe. It operates with top-tier clients in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Benelux and the UK working on performance, a highly ROI oriented marketing channel, promoting desktop / mobile / app products on behalf of their clients. They also help up-and-coming Fintech to carry out/develop/organize specific branding-oriented campaigns.

The collaboration with financeAds has two basic strands: a mentorship service and an agreement, both aimed at the startups of the Fintech District community.

Alvise Perissinotto, Managing Director of financeAds explains: “We think that FD is the perfect breeding ground for the next Fintech unicorns. We want to work with these realities right from day one, helping them understand what the most effective marketing channel for them is and how to maximize the ROI on the budget spent. We offer the community our knowledge and insights on how to be effective and relevant. This translates into efficient spending that avoids a ‘waste’ of budget and allows, on the other hand, a full focus on growth. We also agreed on a special preferential fee rate for those clients who, after the initial free consultation, decide to work with us”.

financeAds agreed on providing group seminars which are opened up to all startups that are part of the FD community, plus one-to-one sessions with individual companies to suggest the best marketing mix to consider when starting, scaling or on reaching maturity, free of charge. During the first group meeting, last February, Perissinotto talked about how to use marketing channels effectively for a Fintech. “We then had already 5 one-to-one sessions with individual startups” he reveals.

What results can the activity put forward by financeAds give the fintech sector? Is it always appropriate? This is Perissinotto’s answer:

“If done correctly, this can help to scale a client very fast. It depends on a lot of parameters which are, most of the time, outside our control (online funnel, on-boarding process, available budget attractiveness of the commission model paid to online publishers for bringing a client and so on). We can deliver tens of thousands of new clients per month to our clients thanks to/if we have an attractive product, a commission model that is aggressive versus its main competitors, with a good online funnel that converts well and, most importantly, together with the right mix of technology and human resources, to efficiently get on board all those new users. At times, it is more an internal limit concerning/regarding processing the leads that come in rather than the volume of leads we can deliver”.

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