Let’s get Open innovation to Salone dei Pagamenti 2019 !

Innovation is once again a protagonist at Salone dei Pagamenti 2019 thanks to the rich program of content provided by Fintech District, which is, once again, a partner of the event this year. The event is a key one for our community, which is just two years has managed to bring together more than 120 startups including major corporations, fintech hubs, not only in Europe, and other major international stakeholders.

We believe that open innovation is the key to the evolution of the financial sector, and for this reason we have chosen to make this theme the protagonist of the path that we will take during the three days of November dedicated to innovation and payments through meetings, round tables and confrontations to explain/describe the current situation, the current Italian and international trends as well as future steps.

Collaborations between startups and corporations, the international scene and fintech ecosystems are the three themes that will be interconnected in our agenda designed to illustrate the many forms open innovation can take in the sector.

We will recount stories of companies that have innovated through collaboration with startups, showing the challenges and opportunities that a “big market” faces in this situation. Through the analysis of real cases, already present on the market, we will demonstrate it is possible to solve difficulties and obtain concrete advantages when collaboration is well managed, We also want to reflect together with participants on the role of accelerators in the development of fintech companies: how to create an effective one and develop successful solutions? There are international players who have succeeded and will reveal how.

The agenda of the “Fintech & Open Innovation” session of Salone dei Pagamenti 2019 will also include detailed information on regulation and the sandbox measure for fintech, to discuss its implications and possible international developments, opportunities, and possible risks. Special attention will be given to the experiences of Italian entrepreneurs and startups who have gone abroad and of companies which have come to Italy from outside the border, to understand the levers facilitating internationalization.

In these three days, fintech ecosystems will also be amongst the protagonists and we will analyze the role they play in the sector not only in Italy but all over Europe. Are they useful for startups wanting to expand abroad? And for those who want to meet investors? Could an “ecosystem of fintech ecosystems” really foster the evolution of this sector? On this occasion, we will also unveil a new international project that actually focuses on this.

We look forward to seeing you at Salone dei Pagamenti 2019. Here is the agenda and all the links to subscribe!

November 6th

November 7th

November 8th