Conversational analytics for business growth with Ghostwriter AI

Ghostwriter AI is the conversation analytics system that provides companies with targeted data for discovering the best elements to attract leads and finalise sales. Ghostwriter AI’s algorithms help companies to identify and utilise data through the analysis of customer conversations from different channels: chat, email, document, even phone conversations, basically all those channels of communication with customers. These conversations between user and company are an invaluable source of information because they contain that huge amount of data that trained artificial intelligence is able to identify and extract to the benefit of their business.

What do you get out of it?

More information, improved business activities and strategies and therefore happier customers and more turnover. Ghostwriter AI specialises in natural language processing and this allows it to optimise those elements found within the text of conversations between company and user. It is aimed mainly at companies that have sales and post-sales activities, including via contact centres, but also text-based assistance services through proprietary systems.

The aim is for contact with the public to become a scalable source of information for all operators who are called upon to provide their services. Its strength is the extraordinary learning speed of our algorithms with respect to the specific vocabulary and needs of our customers.

Ghostwriter AI has been in business for over 7 years and over time has raised 300,000 euros of capital and forged several international partnerships, for example with Intel and Nvidia, in their specific programmes dedicated to artificial intelligence. It is also part of the Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence, strongly supported by the European Community, which has selected only 100 companies across Europe to be part of this very important table.

This fintech is also very active on the open innovation front and the most recent project is with Caixa Bank, in particular with the payment & consumer section. Caixa Bank selected Ghostwriter AI and its technology from more than 5 thousand companies that proposed their solutions to support, integrate and innovate their business processes within the bank. This, and future projects, are carried out by a team of mainly women, each
bringing their own specific skills from marketing to software development to legal skills. Together with Ester Liquori, CEO, GhostwriterAI is also led by CTO Mauro Bennici, co-founder and inventor of all the algorithms.

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