Young Platform, crypto for beginners

Young Platform closed an A-series round in mid-2021, raising 3.5 million from united ventures, and now aims to become the Italian market leader to then begin an internationalisation phase during the late part of 2021 and the early part of 2022. The mission of this fintech, with a team averaging 25 years of age, is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to the mass market and newbies, starting with education, and allowing buying and selling to occur in the simplest way possible.

Its product ecosystem is made up of three different products: Stepdrop which educates and raises awareness, Young Platform base which allows buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the easiest way possible and Young Platform pro for the advanced users. Young Platform value proposition is aimed at the user who has only heard of bitcoin but does not know where to start.

Due to its interest in possible open innovation collaborations with traditional financial institutions, giving them the possibility to integrate the buying and selling of digital assets, the Young Platform team has so far gathered talents on the Italian territory but from this moment on is ready to look for them around Europe.

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