Time: interview with Paolo Dard

The Fintech District community is enriched with a new insurtech, TIME. Paolo Dard, co-founder, tells how this startup works and its next goals.

What does TIME do?

Time is an insurtech company, born in 2015 from the idea of 4 partners, belonging to three different worlds that have joined together. Two of the three partners belong to the world of insurance companies, a third partner is an expert in insurance distribution having the ownership of some brokers in Italy and then there is myself. I deal mainly with the world of information technology.

The company was founded with the aim of bringing together these three components: the world of insurance offerings made by companies, the world of insurance distribution and the world of technology. We have built a B2B platform connecting companies together with their distribution channel, be it brokers agencies or anything else, including the innovative channels that are emerging today, such as large-scale distribution, up to other sectors of entry such as aggregators.

What are you working on these days?

We are launching a new version of the platform and it will be called Time Social. It’s an initiative that wants to address the world of brokers, agencies and sub agents who are currently looking at new perspectives after the introduction in Italy of the IDD. This last came into force in September 2018 and is revolutionizing the world of insurance distraction in Italy.

Why did you choose to join the Fintech District community?

We recently joined the Fintech District and our goal is to network. Our goal is above all to team up with other players who have chosen the Fintech District before us and create critical mass together with them, constantly aware that we have a peculiarity, namely insurance, while most of the community has expertise in banking and payments.

Do you have internationalization goals?

Italy’s implementation of the insurance distribution directive (IDD) opens up many opportunities, both in the insurance world and in terms of offering and distribution. Time is therefore ready to export its model to other countries as a result of the evolution of IDD which we are sure will open this market to players who are currently operating in other contexts.

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