C2FO: the world’s largest non-bank provider of working capital

One of more than 160 startups in the Fintech District community is the fintech C2FO. We asked the Managing Director Italy Alessandro Ninfole to tell us what are its characteristics, its team and its projects.

What does C2FO do and who does it address to?

C2FO is the world’s largest non-bank provider of working capital, serving over one million customers representing $10.5 trillion in annual sales across more than 180 countries. C2FO is working to deliver a future where every company in the world has the capital needed to grow and it dynamically adjusts to support key financial priorities, working capital requirements and sustainability targets. Cash flow comes through early payment of invoices by customers, A/R financing, and many other data-driven funding options. Corporates can seamlessly and flexibly utilize their own capital and/or capital from bank and non-bank sources via C2FO’s Funding Network, giving virtually unlimited access to capital for the benefit of world’s largest to the world’s smallest companies.

What stage of growth are you in?

Funding rounds so far: $350m. Investors: Temasek Holdings, Mithril Capital, Citi Ventures, Allianz X, Mubadala Investment Company, SoftBank Vision Fund, Union Square Ventures.

Have you realized or would you like to realize open innovation projects? With what kind of subjects?

We are continuously looking for innovation projects and long term partners bringing additional value to our high-tech solutions.

Do you have an international positioning or projects in this regard? To which markets?

C2FO is present globally. We have suppliers in more than 180 countries in the world.

How many elements is your team made up of? Average age and type of background?

There are 500+ employees at C2FO, of which around 30% is below 30 y.o. (average is 36). We have a team of experienced managing directors who interface corporate clients in each country and a large team of Supplier Relationship Managers who assist the finance department of companies of any size, in their local language. Those two front-facing teams are supported by Product Developers, Data Scientists, Engineers, Operations, Marketing and Finance experts situated at the headquarter in Kansas City and in regional hubs. I, Alessandro Ninfole, 36, am the Managing Director Italy for C2FO. I joined the company in February after almost 15 years of experience within the investment banking and fintech sector.