From California Loop AI Group, specializing in cognitive computing

The LOOP AI group was created in 2012 in San Francisco and has extended its area of activity to Europe and Asia with the aim of accelerating the transition of traditional companies into smart companies capable of enhancing work teams also employing non-human potential, cognitive robots. In fact, as Andrea PITRONE, Chief Customer Success Officer and Chief Product Officer, says:”Traditional companies can no longer compete with smart companies, companies that use cognitive robots, not only because of the cost reduction that follows the use of this technology, but also because of the higher level of quality of products and services that can be delivered”.

Among the awards received by this company, the inclusion in a report by IDC in January 2020 placed them among the top ten providers of general purpose artificial intelligence platforms and software along with Amazon, IBM, Microsfot and Saleforce.

LOOP AI group is the only provider that can deliver a fully unsupervised cognitive platform via integrated hardware and software appliance called LOOP Q, which can learn and read any human language or business jargon. LOOP Q enables the rapid development of cognitive robots that support, empower or automate key business processes performed by humans. The main target of LOOP AIGroup are both large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises: “we approach them with very different business models – explains Pitrone – with the aim of enhancing the human capacity for learning and reasoning of enterprises.

Although the company is young, it already has a good number of large account clients at a global level in banking, insurance and telco, but intends to grow further both in Italy and abroad, “focusing on SMEs and establishing targeted partnerships with other certified partners, i.e. system integrators able to develop cognitive robots and advisors using our innovative technology”.

As far as the team is concerned, LOOP AI Group has some important figures, the so-called veterans who have been working for about 20 years in the world of artificial intelligence with development activities, research, exploration in very sensitive areas, including military ones,and have invented and developed the LOOP Q technology. In the company there are also resources that have matured a solid professional experience in one of the main consulting companies at a global level. “We have an expert team of advisors that cover the competences of cognitive computing as well as strategy, marketing and software development of enterprise applications – explains Pitrone – and we also have several certified partners that allow the scale up of the development activities of cognitive robots at customers”.

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