The fintech side of OCS, new corporate member FD

OCS has become a corporate member of Fintech District. Together with Valentina Cianci, Head of Sales & Marketing, we will discover the fintech side of this company and how the collaboration with the community will develop.

What does OCS do? How is it interested in fintech?

OCS has been operating for about 35 years as a vendor of mission-critical Software Systems in the area of Consumer Credit. As our business is based on the strong conjugation of technology and product expertise, fintech is a natural evolution of our business since fintech is literally the marriage between the most innovative technologies and the world of financial services.
We approached fintech about two years ago when this word in the panorama of financial services was a fashion and it was spoken of as something temporary, almost as if to exorcise the strong disruption that this introduced in the market of financial services. We believe that this is a great opportunity, both because it pushes us to innovate much more quickly in the creation of our products, and because we believe that it offers us and our customers, banks and financial companies, a great opportunity to offer increasingly efficient services.

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Why did you choose to become a corporate member and how will the collaboration develop?

We recently joined the Fintech District, actually officially in October, but we have been working with the Fintech District for about a year because we had the opportunity to get to know the realities of the Fintech District thanks to the project’s opportunities provided by our customers. This almost casual knowledge of the Fintech District led us to enter in a slightly more structured way, as a corporate member, with the idea that the proximity, even physical, to the place where innovation is created for the world of financial services can be an opportunity to be proactive towards our customers.
So far we have known the Fintech District because our customers brought us here on the basis of projects they have initiated. Being here will also allow us to be propositive with our customers by imagining innovative services to be offered proactively to operators working on the OCS platform.

Which fintech projects and experiences have you already implemented so far?

OCS has already carried out projects that can be considered as fintech projects, i.e. the application of innovative technologies to the processes of granting credit to households. For example, we have created interaction with large e-commerce platforms so we have enriched our platform with the possibility of offering the customer experience very similar to that of purchase from an online merchant.
We have made integrations with Smart POS, we made processes of subscription of financing completely digitized in B2C mode and therefore totally disintermediated with very rich and effective digital onboarding processes. What we expect, and in this, I would like to launch a call to all members of the Fintech District, is the chance to further expand the range of new opportunities offered to our customers to be more efficient and innovative. So any good idea that can also be applied in an original way to the world of lending, in our opinion, is appreciated!

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