Fastweb is a corporate member of the Fintech District

The Italian telecommunications operator joins the community contributing to the innovation of the finance industry

Fastweb has in his DNA the innovation, changing the market rules since 2000 introducing Fiber Optic communications in Italy. The company keeps pursuing its “infrastructured OTT” convergent strategy, leveraging a combination of fixed and mobile new generation infrastructure to offer gigabit connectivity to its customers while, in the meantime, focusing on a “OTT like” approach in terms of simplicity, effectiveness and customer-orientation.

The membership is an opportunity for Fastweb to be an active contributor to the growth of fintech ecosystem in Italy, enabling connections between the traditional finance industry and the innovative fintech community with the aim of speeding up the digital transformation of the Italian financial sector.

Fastweb enriches the traditional telco offer, based on telephony and connectivity services, with a dedicated range of ICT services characterized by security, privacy, data protection and all the strong requirements that rules the actual Italian finance market.

With the acquisition of 7Layers in 2020, Fastweb enhanced his skills on cybersecurity, strengthening the partnership with all the companies that need to be compliant with the Italian data protection rules and need to strength security aspects to remain competitive in the digital future.

With its renewed private and public cloud offer, Fastweb is the tech player ready to collaborate with all Fintech District’s members to power up the fintech Italian proposition, with the ambition to actively collaborate to redesign of the future of the international market.

Fastweb’s Fintech District membership is an opportunity for all the startups and the finance companies belonging to the community to be drivers of the change for the entire Finance sector in Italy, exploiting advanced technologies and dedicated services, borrowing Fastweb’s experience as a technology enabler of the major players in the industry focusing the companies to a renewed frictionless customer’s experience.

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