Crime in data, and Mine Crime takes off towards success

Online data on crime and urban decay are at the heart of the business of Mine Crime, the innovative startup led by Giacomo Salvanelli and funded by Bocconi University as part of the Bocconi4Innovation initiative, which recently joined the Fintech District community.

This young company, founded in late 2020, is able to access this data, extrapolate it and transform it into composite risk indicators and then selling it to its clients. Most of the companies involved are medium to large sized but belong to different sectors that, for one reason or another, need this data to grow and be more competitive on the market. These include retail, insurance, real estate, transport and intra-urban logistics companies as well as risk security consultancies and data companies. Mine Crime supports them with this data in the preparation of their risk management plan and risk analysis.

The business model seems to be working because Mine Crime has grown significantly in recent months, both in terms of turnover and in the number of clients it serves. By 2022, the aim is to grow even more, to increase turnover fivefold and to double the number of clients, making the contracts signed with them increasingly significant and substantial. The idea is also to carry out open innovation projects along the lines of the one with Taxi Blue, the largest radio taxi in Milan, but also ranging into other sectors such as real estate or insurance, but also banking.

To face these challenges there is a well-matched team, “a multifaceted team that encompasses all the skills needed to make a successful business”. CEO Giacomo Salvanelli comes from the world of data analysis applied to security and risk analysis. There are two software engineers working full time on the project, Samuel Piatanesi and Luca Ruschioni, respectively responsible for the back end and front end, two experts in the legal field, Pietro Marino, focused on the management of our privacy infrastructure and Enrico Ferrara on contracts in the finance field. and Then there is Giuseppe Caterini, financial manager, who manages the entire financial structure of the company.

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