tinkl.it after the great success is now dedicating itself to marketing and education

The Digital Rock crypto exchange has recently concluded a record collection on Opstart: 1.5 million in equity. In the ecosystem the company has been able to build over the years there is now also a fintech in our community: tinkl.it. We immediately interviewed CEO Daniele Pregnolato to comment on the news.

A collection of 1.5 million euros on an Italian equity platformbby a crypto currency exchange platform. It’s a surprising result from your point of view and how exactly did it come about?

We are very proud to have been able to distribute all 10% of the shares of Digital Rock Holding SPA we put on offer. This success is not only an economic one for us, but is the recognition of the work done in difficult years when, as pioneers, the real extent of the ecosystem on which we were betting and doing business was not yet perceived.
After having been almost demonized for a long time, we can finally say we have managed to make people understand that it is worth investing in the companies we have created and that today show solidity and a concrete development plan.
Given the Covid-19 emergency, achieving this result was by no means a foregone conclusion, even though we have always been used to work under pressure in an environment that does not spare us from anything: that of the cryptocurrencies.
We appreciated the great participation of new partners who, even before we had finished the bureaucratic formalities, contacted us to make themselves available to collaborate for the success of the objectives of the business plan. Part of the merit of the result of the campaign is also to be found in the solidity, fellowship and constructive spirit of collaboration of the communities of scholars and fans of innovations brought by Bitcoin and, for expansion, by the blockchain. The Rock Trading is today the world’s longest-running crypto currency exchange and we feel a responsibility to be considered veterans in the industry. This pushes us to always give the maximum for our users and the ecosystem that has been created.

What is your role within the operation and what benefits do you derive from it?

Digital Rock Holding SPA also controls tinkl.it, the bitcoin payment processor that I take care of myself. The holding company can offer, with its subsidiaries, services at 360 degrees in the world of cryptocurrency. Our service is very much in synergy with the exchange “The Rock Trading “ a flagship company of the Holding. With The Rock Trading, tinkl.it has the possibility to make, the bitcoin/euro exchange necessary to send the receipts of the companies that use our service without looking for agreements outside the group.. As a group, we have come this far thanks to precise strategic choices, certainly leaving some opportunities along the road. We have, in fact, preferred to allocate all our resources to R&D so as to lay a solid foundation on which to grow our platforms. Today the time is ripe and also,thanks to the campaign that has just finished, we can finally start to dedicate ourselves to marketing.

How do you think the attitude of Italians towards cryptocurrency has changed?

There is more awareness. It is a relief to see that many of our users dedicate time to the study of the subject, coming to acquire the tools to filter the much background noise, which is physiological in such young markets. This does not mean there is full awareness: the matter is extremely complex and takes time.
We have certainly made progress, also thanks to initiatives such as Cryptovalues, a consortium of which we are part, which is also spending a lot for training. At the same time, the relationships with institutional interlocutors (Italians and Europeans), that are more and more prepared, have become more concrete and constructive.
Our goal is not only to provide the operational tools, but we believe one of the most important challenges we face is precisely this: educating people. For this reason we will invest to make training events throughout the territory.

What is your positioning on the Italian market today? Has it changed with lockdown?

Being operational in the world of cryptocurrency with TRT since 2011 and with tinkl.it since 2015, we are perceived in Italy as the “historical” players. Now, also thanks to the success of crowdfunding, our goal is the expansion of our activities in the European market.
During the lockdown, with retail activities closed, tinkl.it did not stop but accelerated the development of solutions for e-commerce, a fast growing sector. Against all expectations, we noticed that retailers who had previously asked for information, used the time available to deepen and finalize the integration of our platform in their activities. TRT, on the other hand, has even seen a surge in registrations, demonstrating a real resilience even in situations of high tension.