Neutrino: interview with Giancarlo Russo

Neutrino is an innovative Italian startup that since has been dealing with intelligence in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2016. CEO Giancarlo Russo explained to us in simpler words what he does: “starting from the public data of the blockchain we make a process of data enrichment to provide value-added information to the stakeholders”.

At the moment, Neutrino works above all with the regulatory and supervisory authorities, for the control of operations in cryptocurrencies, but also together with financial institutions that operate in cryptocurrencies, supporting them in their activities of compliance and monitoring of transactions.

For many months now this startup has become part of the Fintech District, seeing in it the opportunity to be part of a network of companies coordinated by a strategic partner that can facilitate the knowledge with the most important players in the sector.

“For those of us who work with cryptocurrencies, a theme still considered a niche – adds Russo – the Fintech District is an excellent opportunity to get visibility and to be introduced to subjects who will have in the medium or short term the need for services such as those we offer “.

Recently Neutrino has expanded abroad, starting to have a good customer base throughout Europe and also in the main markets where the theme of cryptocurrencies is predominant. Three examples? Switzerland, Malta and the United States. This startup does not intend to stop in these countries and is planning to start commercial activities in Asia to reach a market that is very different but is very developed and that, according to Russo, needs a presence on site to be adequately covered.

In the coming months, in the meantime, the Neutrino team will be engaged in conferences in Malta and in Switzerland. In general it aims to participate in international events in which the theme of fintech may be relevant, particularly concerning new applications in the field of anti-money laundering and also related cryptocurrencies.

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DandYlion: interview with the founder Mario Alberto Casiraghi

On the 6th of September we will host the first Italian DandYlion meet up. DandYlion is a community bringing together thinkers, innovators, and agents of change from Tech and Financial worlds. In this interview the founder Mario Alberto Casiraghi explains how DandYlioners garnered significant traction on the London crypto scene and partially reveals what he will tell us during the event at the 6th of September. To participate you can register here.

How was DandYlion created?

Thanks to my experience in financial services, I have been able to observe in detail the functioning of the economic and market system at the base of the world economy. During my five years in investment banking, I realised that the current system was not keeping up with the technological and social development seen in other sectors and I looked for a solution. From that moment on I started to study blockchain technology, of which I soon understood the potential. When I shared my thoughts with friends and colleagues I realized that they arose interest and stimulated discussion. From simple conversations we moved on to private round tables and then to meet up in London.


What is your mission?

Our vision is clear. Educate – Collaborate – Disrupt.

  • Educate: it is one of the main problems both in the financial world and in the blockchain world. DandYlion aims to become an educational channel by closing the gap between the two worlds.
  • Collaborate: We are a community dedicated to innovation focused on the aggregation of talents and on the creation of an environment suitable for sharing and comparison
  • Disrupt: our main goal is to create a group of people who share DandYlion’s vision and turn it into a community committed to changing the situation in some economic areas.

What will you talk about during the meeting organized with the Fintech District on the 6th of September?

We will cover most of the relevant topics in the recent past and present: Overview Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, The Challenge of Scalability, The ICO Market: Emerging Practices and Regulation. We will also bring some experiences from the field with professionals who have already completed token sales during their careers.

To whom is the meeting addressed?

The event is aimed at crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, but also at those interested in the innovation sector more in general. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn about one of the great trends of the present and the future.

What do you think of an initiative like Fintech District?

I am very happy to collaborate with Fintech District and satisfied in seeing this kind of initiatives in Italy. In our country innovation is not always the centre of attention as it should

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