Enhancers and the obsession with quality

The Enhancers team presents itself as creating digital products that make a difference. We
asked Alessandro Catanzariti, Head of Sales at Enhancers to tell us how this company can be useful to fintechs as technical partner of the Fintech District.

What does Enhancers do?

Enhancers is a digital product factory with a team of about 60 people who are able to guarantee the highest quality in the creation of digital products. Our focus is to manage the whole development chain of a digital product, starting from the most strategic design phases, during which we help clients to define (also through a research activity that can involve real clients in the field, therefore ethnographic) the business paradigms to be taken into account and product functionalities. We also carry out technological scouting in order to provide the client with a roadmap of the activities we have carried out.
The Enhancers team can collaborate in the continuation of this activity through their product designers, UX and UI designers and our developers for the realisation of the final product. These teams work together in agile mode and when the client wants them to, also with the actual team and taking care of the release through the publication of the mobile app or web platform or any other touch point referring to the digital product that has come to life through the collaboration with Enhancers.

Who is Enhancers for?

Enhancers is aimed both at large companies, that need to transform their business processes through digital transformation, and at startups that want to accelerate their business model and scale quickly. To all these companies we offer a cross-industry methodological approach to achieve such goals. We work in finance and fintech with companies like Credit Agricole or Buddybank, or with companies like Haier Europe (Candy, Hoover) and in utilities.
We typically offer support activities to startups and, depending on the situation they find themselves in, we can take care of defining their product requirements or can implement solutions in the prototyping phase that allow them to test the object with real users of the service and define what will be their first MVP. We often accompany them in the definition of documentation and tech pitches to meet investors and possible financiers of the project and validate through documentation and prototypes the business model that the startup has in mind, enabling it to move quickly towards an initial market release.

What is your experience in the financial and fintech world?

Enhancers’ experiences in banking are numerous: all interesting and successful. With regard to Buddybank we initially collaborated with the team of founders for the design, making it one of the first banking applications in Italy. Equally interesting are experiences such as the one with Monte Dei Paschi with whom we redesigned the entire mobile experience, or projects dedicated to the world of payments with larger companies such as Axepta or more emerging and independent companies such as the Sepafin group. We have been working for many years, since the birth of Enhancers, with the Sella group We redesigned a new mobile application for Sella Personal Credit, the group’s consumer credit company, that then became the anchor of the user experience and a new way of using credit. To the fintech startups that choose Enhancers we can assure pragmatism, speed and an obsession for quality that has always accompanied us, even on projects carried out for very important realities.

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