The Data Appeal Company and the value of the data

The Data Appeal is a technology startup that recently joined our community which collects and analyzes all the information available online that will impact people’s behavior as well as all the information you normally look for before making a decision about a service, a product, a business such as a restaurant, a hotel or a store in a specific territory.

“We collect everything we find on digital maps, such as ratings, reviews and comments, from all the channels through which it is possible for them to be tracked online and we combine them with a series of information related to the territory itself,such as weather, events, prices and everything that somehow defines the dynamics of the territory in question” explains Mirko Lalli, the CEO.

The Data Appeal Company to date is in a post-round A phase, having closed a major round A with Indaco and a German fund at the end of 2018 and using these resources to expand the market since the company was previously called Travel appeal and only worked in a specific sector. Now they are ready for Round B.

The Data Appeal has built a proprietary technology allowing you to analyze a huge mass of constantly evolving data to understand what people’s perception is, for example, segmented by nationality, or which are the most popular businesses that are doing better in a given territory. “It is possible for us to obtain a series of other information by extracting it from the data in our possession both at an individual business level as well as at the aggregate level according to various dimensions, or by category or area,” says the CEO explaining who the customers interested in these services are. There are three categories.

The first are those who need to enrich the data of their customers with information of qualitative perception as perception is very often a predictor of business, revenue, turnover. This is very important information for banks, for example.

The latter are those who use our data to analyze themselves,for example against their competitors, to understand the strengths and weaknesses and trigger internal change processes. In this category are all those who work in the world of tourism and catering but also in the world of retail and shopping: it is the feedback economy.

In the third category there are all those who need to analyze an area, a location such as real estate or even the world of tourism, regions and municipalities wanting to understand what happens in their territory and how to change some dynamics and how to improve them. These are the three big compartments in which we move and that use our data in different ways.

Since its inception, this startup has participated in open innovation projects “because – explains Lalli – it allows us to meet relevant players in the market and to test our ideas and there are many chances to transform these opportunities into business opportunities that then also find subsequent developments”.

As far as the team is concerned, The Data Appeal’s team is very young, the average age is just over 30 years. It has about 35 people and it is a team that will grow in the coming months. About two thirds are technical profiles working on the technological infrastructure allowing us to deliver the services we offer to clients and continuing to extract value from millions of data.

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