BID Company, the data boutique for banks and insurance

BID is an innovative company that wants to tell the, as yet, unwritten story of data. BID is a true data boutique because it does not offer algorithms on the shelf but accelerators to customise the needs and requirements of customers in generating valuable insights and making useful business decisions.

Its goal is to ensure that everyone has access to advanced knowledge that stimulates critical thinking and helps to ethically improve the future. It proposes itself to all those companies looking for a roadmap of solutions in the world of analytics and AI. Since its inception it has been working in the finance context helping banks and insurance companies but has also developed solutions for healthcare, pharma, energy and the more luxurious world.

BID Company was born in 2016 from an intuition of Walter Ballardin who, after twenty years of experience in the financial context on analytics issues, founded a company that combines technical skills with functional ones to translate valuable insights generated by data into a comprehensible and actionable business language.

At this stage, BID Company aims to become the reference partner on analytics and AI issues by increasingly consolidating its clientele in the Italian market, distinguishing itself with a flexibility-based approach based on three main aspects. The customisation of technological solutions on the basis of the business value generated, agility from the earliest stages of implementation of these solutions, and the transfer of knowledge that enables customers to become autonomous in the management of these complex solutions.

To date, BID Company collaborates with leading universities in Italy, including the Cattolica University and the Milan Polytechnic, and develops machine learning and deep learning models to solve daily problems in banks and insurance companies. For marketing, it develops predictive models to optimise the customer’s journey, in the world of control system models for analysing atypical behaviour against the risk of fraud, and in Behaviour Analytics engagement models to maximise people’s potential and get them to express it this within the company.

In the context of open innovation, it uses APIs to make its algorithms accessible to all interested parties. For the future it plans to continue to invest in open innovation and continuously improve its algorithms to develop valuable solutions for banks and insurance companies.

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