The way to collaborative innovation? The Innovation Boarding Pass

Do you want to experience a method of collaborative innovation, replicable in everyday life that enhances your ability to impact concretely on business change? Do you need to reduce time to market and develop products and services keeping a constant focus on the customer? Fintech District invites you to take your place and be part of the Innovation Boarding Pass

This is an intensive 2-day workshop held in our headquarters in Via Sassetti 32 on 29 and 30 October and delivered by Innoblue Labs that will guide you through a structured and repeatable method to implement continuous innovation in your work processes and environment.

In this way, you will have extra gear for when you have to define or implement your own product and service strategies. The method is both useful when you have to design a new market offering and when companies need to re-think processes and organizational procedures in order to improve efficiency and deliver results in line with market and customer needs.

Innoblue Labs effectively combines Innovation Strategy frameworks and Innovation Design tools in a one of a kind path that usually is gathered through several courses & workshops on Blue Ocean Strategy, Design Thinking, Jobs to be done and similar topics. Innovation Design methodologies are not transmitted through a didactic approach but rather by means of hands-on activities with the aim of solving a design-challenge on a common theme. This makes the laboratory a unique experience and opportunity to achieve the right mindset and experiment with an effective methodology for collaborative innovation.

It’s a long and exciting journey, the one of innovation, and with the workshop of Innoblue Labs, Fintech District wants to offer the opportunity to get the best boarding pass on the market, a full-fledged kit of tools, skills and experience that allows those who participate to become able to take flight.

This workshop will take place in collaboration with SellaLab. For more information and to register, click here

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Ready, steady, go! The collaboration with Enhancers has started

Enhancers is a technical partner of Fintech District. Guido Guaschino, Founder of Enhancers, explains: “We’ve always looked to Fintech District as a unique opportunity (of its kind in Italy) for fostering innovation in the fintech ecosystem, eventually leading to better services and experiences for people – which is basically Enhancers’ core value proposition”.

This agreement gives our community new services and special opportunities. Let’s find out more about it.

What Enhancers does

Enhancers is a full-cycle digital product factory at work since 2011 for generating innovation and digital transformation through design thinking, lean UX and Agile production models, applied with a hands-on attitude to industries ranging from finance to retail, automotive, FMCG and culture.

Its 40+ people team is built around full-stack professionals, both designers and coders, working together from the earliest stages of any project in order to seamlessly manage the entire digital product supply chain, from the research and understanding phases to the executive design and implementation, up to technological integration.

Community benefits from this collaboration

Enhancers and Fintech District created a special “MVP Fintech Pack” available for fintechs that are part of the community. This “pack” has been designed to provide subscribing companies with all they need to effectively and quickly move through the seeding, funding and market test stages.

Enhancers drives the startups through all phases of the product designing process, in order to nail the solution and map a set of key features that can be developed iteratively while validating the concept with real customers. The outcome is a complete, coding-ready digital product blueprint: concept, user experience, visual design, prototype, pitch deck presentation.

This partnership gives strength to the Fintech District and its service offering to startups. Enhancers has a proven track record in developing performing fintech solutions for its customers and we invite all of our members to have a look at its services!

Among several other fintech projects, Enhancers has designed buddybank, the first iOS-only conversational lifestyle bank built around an always-on concierge service, powered by UniCredit and quality checked directly by Apple. buddybank is among the 20 most popular apps in the Finance category in Italy and ranks towards the top by user ratings (4.7 stars out of 5).

Why is design important to a fintech?

The design has to serve human needs and human development, creating some kind of meaning around new technologies and tools, according to Guido Guaschino. Frameworks inspired by the Stanford-fueled start up development methodologies and human-centered design are key to lead the process.

In the constantly evolving fintech environment, it’s crucial for both established powerhouses and new ventures to embrace a model based on innovation and product-market fit, involving perfectly synced product and customer development strategies and business model validation through digital minimum viable products (MVPs).

There is no need to highlight how a seamless user experience (UX) and a intuitive user interface (UI) can make the difference, since – for instance – 32% of potential new customers drop a registration process within 5 seconds on average, and 46% of them give up the onboarding because of a poor interface.

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