Ventis. New clients for banks through ecommerce. How?

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Ventis is a startup founded in 2016 with the aim of creating new customers for banks through an innovative eCommerce that sells fashion, furniture and food and wine all over the world. This fintech is aimed at all European and Italian mass-market customers and is present in Italy, other European countries and also in the United States and China. Currently, Ventis is in the stage of scale-up, its primary source of investment is ICCREA Bank, lead investor, which has the majority of the company and invests for its growth.


The potential partners for this company are digital banks, new banks and all financial operators in general. Fintech District could help it reach them thanks to the networking and events that are organized periodically and that obviously gives the chance to make matches and create connections.


In Ventis the average age is less than 25, 24 and a half years. The team is composed of about one hundred people distributed in 3 headquarters, Rimini, Milan, and Rome. Their background is digital, IT and commercial and they are always looking for new staff, even young people to train, hunting them mainly in the universities of Milan and Romagna.

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