FUTURAE want to change the world of IT security

Futurae is a fintech that has developed and operates an authentication platform that which is extremely easy to implement and use, and enables simple and secure authentication of any user interaction on the web and on apps.

Digitisation with its increased security requirements continues to advance rapidly especially in the financial services sector and it is in this specific area that this platform offers solutions to the problems that businesses face due to strong customer identification such as exploding help desk costs, loss of customers due to an unsatisfactory digital experience and most importantly of all, against increasing fraud.

Futurae is currently in a strong growth and expansion phase. It closed its Series A funding round at the end of 2020; an investment that allows it to accelerate its European expansion also thanks to its experience in Switzerland with hundreds of customers. Its focus is now on Italy, France and Germany, where it already has other financial institutions as clients.

To develop its innovative solutions, Futurae relies above all on security, privacy and availability, and always innovates together with its clients in the spirit of open innovation. It has some experience behind it that it would now like to replicate by continuing to work with Italian banks and fintechs to ensure a strong authentication system for all their clients. that This system must alway work while maintaining the highest standards of security and ease of use.

Futurae’s international team, with many different backgrounds, is growing as the company itself, does to support its expansion strategy. It is looking for people with the right mindset and who know how to take responsibility and work as a team. “Win or lose, but always as a team” is the philosophy with which it aims to attract bright minds to change the world of IT security for all its customers.

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