IT Matters. Let’s make the fintech more inclusive!

To make Fintech an inclusive sector open to diversity through contamination between large and small businesses operating in the world of innovation is the mission of IT Matters – Inclusive Thinking Matters: a project powered by Fintech District and Italia Fintech created to enhance the wealth concealed in different points of view.

Thanks to social inclusion projects in the fintech, IT Matters describes itself as being a processing and enrichment platform for small technology companies and for those working in the sector.

This initiative was born from the conversations of three young women who, working in the fintech sector, realized that Italy has a lot to learn compared to international companies and multinationals which are more attentive to gender equity and inclusion issues for minorities.

Through IT Matters Fintech District and Italia Fintech want to implement their vision of inclusion via awareness events, communication campaigns and initiatives. All of this will take place through the contamination previously mentioned amongst those companies that are already ahead as far as these topics are concerned and can teach a lot to the fintechs that want to implement best practice of inclusion.

Why do we do it?

Because we are convinced that now dealing with diversity and inclusion means contributing to a just social evolution but also to the growth of the economy of our country, through constructive and open-minded attitudes. Only through truly inclusive teams can a company enrich its commercial offer by introducing products and services with ideas and nuances that would not otherwise be visible.

Do you agree with Fintech District and Italia Fintech vision? Contact us and join us!

IT Matters will be a megaphone for those organizing valuable initiatives as well as a reference point for those in Fintech who are looking for people with a different vision and mindset. With this project Fintech District and Italia Fintech want to involve more and more professionals in their initiatives to overcome the clichés and make the sector in which they work more inclusive.

We are waiting for you!

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