Lixi Invest, e-learning for responsible investing

In the Fintech District community, partners play a key role and contribute to the growth of start-ups and scale-ups. Each does this in its own way, offering expertise and experience. In Lixi Invest‘s case, this is explained in this interview.

What does Lixi Invest do and who does it address?

Lixi Invest is a company founded in 2018 and now employing 18 people on a daily basis. Our business model is based on an e-learning platform focused on financial literacy, investing and financial planning: committed to helping investors and savers invest strategically, consciously, and efficiently.
We teach people how to manage their money by following a solid financial planning process, from zero to the investor. Specifically, we pursue our mission by selling memberships, books, digital courses, and newsletters geared toward private savers and investors. Our business model revolves around getting new leads through advertising and educational content, in turn nurturing them these by leveraging free newsletters, videos, blog posts, podcasts, and infographics on different platforms. Finally, the prospects who are keen on taking things to the next level can buy our advanced digital courses and memberships.

Who are you addressing and what do you offer? What is your uniqueness?

Our uniqueness stems from the holistic approach we have towards investing, based on the top -tier academic and scientific literature available. As an agile e-learning platform we have been able to be the first on the Italian market to develop products and services best serving private investors’ interests and investment planning needs covering every stage of the investors’ lifecycle. Unlike the our competitors, we are not forced to launch every two months low – quality products and services in order to supply for the cash – flow needed to run a business in the e-leaning market. We have a loyal, satisfied and recurrent customer base which is expanding thanks to our wide – ranging advertisement campaigns.

Why have you become interested in fintech? What opportunities do you see in this sector?

Fintech is the natural evolution of our company’s growth path. We’re grateful to the world of training and we are willing to mantain our educational vocation which allowed us to reach tens of thousands of investors, but we want to take a step further towards this sector. By leveraging technology, we would like to further improve our investment planning solutions’ efficiency and usability.
We are confident that fintech could be the chance to simplify investors’ money life and investments. Our method, expressed through a new, fast and intuitive form has the potential to hugely impact savers and investors life. The fintech sector is extremely inspiring and innovative. We want to be an active part of the network revolving around it.

How can you, as a Professional Partner , support fintechs in the community?

Lixi Invest is laser focused on the needs, fears, wishes and desires of flesh and blood investors. Our community comprises more than 25.000 savers and investors and it is an ideal starting point to build a permanent observatory with the purpose of gathering data, statistics and insights related to saving habits, investments and personal finance in general. It would be interesting to discuss these topics within the community and to provide our expertise: after all, we are “investor experts” before being investment experts.

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FD & Luiss Business School together for a new fintech generation

The two institutions share their know-how in a new project of higher education to understand
and govern the logic of the sector

The Italian fintech ecosystem has good growth prospects but among the obstacles towards development, identified by the Bank of Italy, there is the lack of qualified personnel. Scholarships are provided by Fabrick

With global growth prospects of $124.3 billion by the end of 2025 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.84%, fintech represents the present and the future of financial services. In spite of the gap with the main European countries, the Italian ecosystem has good evolutionary prospects, but among the obstacles to for development identified by the Bank of Italy in its latest survey on the sector is the lack of qualified personnel. In this context, characterized by an increasing collaboration between traditional operators and innovative companies, Luiss Business School – recognized for its experiential and innovative teaching methodology and for the training of profiles with skills immediately usable in the world of work – and Fintech District – the international community of reference for the fintech ecosystem in Italy – have decided to act synergistically, designing and implementing the Flex executive program in fintech.

Starting in May 2022, the advanced training program is aimed at banking professionals, investors and entrepreneurs interested in understanding the developments and logic of the sector, as well as viable business strategies. Delivered in English with the flex formula, which combines educational excellence and flexibility, it provides 90% of the lessons in through distance learning and the rest in presence in Amsterdam at the international HUB of the Luiss Business School. The program is divided into 6 modules and is enriched by seminars and testimonials, insights on the main market sectors, practical applications and company presentations through the involvement of international innovation ecosystems.

Participants will have an in-depth understanding of the sector at 360°: technology and its impact on the financial sector; the frictions that fintech aims to eliminate; regulation and regulatory changes; new business models based on collaboration and co-creation. Scholarships are made available by Fabrick, a reality that operating internationally to promote open finance, to which the Fintech District belongs.

Enzo Peruffo, Associate Dean for Education, Luiss Business School states: “The advent of Fintech has brought such a disruptive innovation it has made it necessary to rethink the strategies for the future of companies, banks and financial intermediaries. If, on the one hand, companies that are active in the sector are enhancing their offer of digital services, which are increasingly flexible and customizable, redesigning the customer journey, on the other hand, the size and unavoidability of the phenomenon has generated the need to activate appropriate policies and regulations. In addition, and also in light of these profound transformations, operators in the sector will be called upon to re-skill themselves in order to acquire the financial-digital know-how that this training course is, in fact, aimed at building.”

Alessandro Longoni, Head of Fintech District states: “Fintech has demonstrated its strategic role in the evolution of financial services. The strong digital acceleration the pandemic has brought, now requires a change in approach and skills of professionals in the financial world and this comes to be, first of all, through training. We need professionals who know how to govern the new market logics in order to recognize and anticipate future developments. The spread of a culture of innovative financial services is one of the objectives of Fintech District. Thanks to our experience and contacts with the most important Italian and international fintech companies, we can contribute concretely to the training of figures able to support the growth of the industry so that it does not remain a topic for a few experts but is increasingly perceived as a sector able to improve the life of the community and the entrepreneurial fabric. For this reason we are proud to launch this Master together with an accredited and cutting-edge partner such as Luiss Business School”.

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