FIN4CHANGE – Green Academy for Fintechs

There are in the world those who use Fridays to protest because they steal their future is being stolen from them at the age of 16, and those with a few more years on their backs and a company to manage, who choose to invest in the present time some of their time to do their part, doing this on a Friday same as the others. As the former secretary of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, said in 2015: “We don’t have a plan B, because we don’t have a planet B“.

Fintech District, in collaboration with InVento Lab, proposes a path to support Fintechs and Corporate Members in the implementation and activation of projects and actions, which, in line with the spirit of the SDGs defined by the United Nations, can contribute to the promotion of a sustainable society but at the same time generate value for the companies, communities and areas in which they operate as well as their workers and the environment in general.

Fin4Change (this is the name of the initiative) is a “green academy for fintechs” lasting 7 months, providing an interactive 6-hour meeting per month, on Fridays held in via Sassetti 32. After an introduction on environmental sustainability, concerning the impact of this last in the company on SDGs and B Corp, we will move on to the workshop phase, analysing the criticalities of the individual participating companies and identifying the areas of intervention to structure a project and validate it after analyzing the budget and impacts. After a pitch presentation, each Academy participant will implement the sustainability project in their own company.

We have chosen to follow this path together with InVento Lab, which is one of the 80 B Corp. currently existing in Italy. This means it is a company that uses the strength of business to generate positive impacts on society and the environment, with a view towards building economic models that are “regenerative” rather than “extractive”. InVento Lab, in addition to the classes, will also provide the digital platform InVento School to share training materials, participate in online meetings and create an active community, also involved through gamification methodologies.

As an alternative to the Academy, we also offer a softer path that transforms interested companies into true sustainability leaders. It is a customizable hackathon, “one-shot” that allows you to identify the most critical issues for sustainability in the company and choose those in which you can intervene to get to rethink your role in the company from the point of view of environmental sustainability.

Read more and sign up to take part in this academy HERE