Kalaway, an outsourced financial management for businesses

Kalaway is a young company that has recently joined the Fintech District Community. It was born with the aim of bringing together two very distant worlds, that of business and that of finance. Its Founder Alessandro Allamprese Males Rossi tells us how it operates and how it is growing.

What does Kalaway do?

The increasingly stringent regulations involving the world of credit have created strong information asymmetries and, consequently, very specific skills that are difficult to find within companies are now necessary. We have therefore decided to make the entire credit process more efficient by completely outsourcing all of the company’s finance. We provide our customers with increasingly vertical skills and innovative tools that can optimize corporate finance in a short time. We take care of everything: we source short, medium and long term finance, we negotiate the conditions for our clients and monitor them, we monitor the central risk and bank ratings of each institution, we purchase currencies for our clients as well as negotiate for them the guarantees required by the financial world.

What advantages does your solution offer?

There are advantages for companies both in terms of speed of access to credit and the optimal conditions with which to access credit. The time savings for both management and the CFO are considerable. Thanks to our innovative platform we are able to monitor everything that happens within the company’s finance and also exchange information with the banking system and the fintech world. All this allows us to follow our clients, whether they are SMEs or large industrial groups with a limited number of banks.

From its birth to today, how has Kalaway grown?

Kalaway is a young company that in a short time has managed to develop an innovative service in the world of credit, subject to strong changes at this time. Founded in 2018, in just one year it has managed to develop a solid client base by multiplying the number of companies and money managed. As of today, in fact, we manage almost one billion credit lines divided between small, medium and large companies. In 2019 we started to develop a platform to manage corporate finance internally and that represents a technological bridge between the corporate world, the banking world and the fintech world. To date we are in a moment of strong expansion throughout the country; we are opening an office in Milan and are planning to open offices in Spain, France, Germany and England in the coming years.

What are you working on today?

We are working on one of the most important projects for us in the field of Open Innovation, the Kalaway platform. We are trying to improve and optimize all the digital processes. The idea is to connect to other fintech companies by integrating their systems. We would also love to have joint projects with other fintech companies working in the SME lending sector.

How is your team composed?

At Kalaway, innovation and cutting-edge solutions are essential elements that are constantly nurtured by a young and dynamic team that is always attentive to dynamics of the sector. Our team is composed of highly specialized figures with complementary skills able to provide our customers with high-level consultancy. In Kalaway 60% of our collaborators are women in whom we see an added value in terms of innovation, determination and dynamism. Each of us contributes in a decisive way to the efficient management of corporate finance and to maintaining ideal relationships with the banking, fintech and fund world.

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