Fintech Nights. Trends, Insights and Startups under the sky

As a challenge to Milan’s too bright sky and busy diaries, the Fintech District team is offering a series of exclusive evenings to explore the entire fintech universe right from the rooftop of its headquarters located in via Sassetti 32, at Copernico Isola for S32.

Here, for you, are the Fintech Nights!

The ingredients of the new format by Fintech District are the trends and hot topics of the industry, both national and international, but not only! These 100% fintech evenings under the stars are unique in the Italian scene thanks to the involvement of our community of startups and the international collaborations we have started since our inception and that we continue to cultivate.

Today we can count on 107 fintech startups and 14 international hubs. These numbers are constantly growing and already allow us to observe and share all the news of the fintech sector from different points of view, giving ideas and food for thought.

Each evening will be unique and unrepeatable, because it will be dedicated to a different theme that in 2019 will upturn the sector, but there will always be present leading roles belonging to the startups of our community telling about their activities and goals but also about their point of view and what they imagine will happen in the future of fintech.

Participating in the Fintech Nights does not mean sitting and listening to an endless series of startup pitches, one after the other, but being part of a group of “explorers” who come together to deepen a fintech topic in search of possible collaborations and connections. In fact, 2019 is the year in which corporate banks and startups are demonstrating they have learned that sharing and co-creating are worthwhile. We at Fintech District are firmly convinced of this.

It is precisely the relationships between different players in the sector that are at the heart of our daily activities and will also play an important role during the Fintech Nights. The whole evening, intervention after intervention will be managed in an interactive and immersive way. The audience will be invited to express themselves and have their say until the final networking moment which will be totally dedicated to all those connections that can only become possible after a fintech night under the stars like the one we propose.

The first Fintech Nights in history will be entirely dedicated to artificial intelligence. In the next few days, we will reveal more about this but in the meantime, you can already click here to secure a place on the rooftop to admire what shines most in the universe of fintech

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