EY joins the Fintech District community

EY joins the Fintech District community as a corporate member in order to get in touch with all financial services ecosystem operators, consisting of players from the traditional and innovative systems.

“In an environment where traditional financial services operators, i.e. banks, insurance and wealth and asset management companies, are starting to deal with a wide range of new players, identified as fintech, techfin or big tech, that are approaching the financial world – Andrea Ferretti explains – it is necessary to understand how to connect with this ecosystem to evaluate the relationships among all operators within. Fintech District represents for us the vehicle to do this because it has been able to aggregate together these new operators and to connect them within the ecosystem”.

EY, together with Fintech District, will carry out research on the Italian fintech market. aiming to realize a new analysis with an added value to those already available on the market. Fintech District, together with an EY team of analysts has identified global trends and found a link with the needs of financial operators in the Italian market.

“This correlation allowed us to match these needs with the right fintech. In this way, we will certainly be able to identify market needs and responses through the fintech companies, that will be the main players of the financial services transformation process. They will be the enablers in a challenge that today is increasingly undelayable for the market.” explains Carlo Alberto Minasi.

The main objective of this research is to simplify and also to show the value of the Italian market. “Today more than ever we have seen a lot of researches in which fintech is identified as clusters and subclusters creating confusion even among experts. Therefore, we have tried to simplify and to give a clear view of the fintech landscape in the Italian market”. The research will be in English and will be provided to the business community and international institutional and non-institutional investors.

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