House4crowd: interview with Francesco Chechile

House4crowd is a real estate crowdfunding platform that aims to digitize real estate investments. Everyone can invest in the real estate market starting from 500 euros and choosing between different types of projects to create their own real estate portfolio with the aim of maximizing their performance.

This real estate crowdfunding platform has been authorized to operate by CONSOB as an equity crowdfunding portal in July 2018. The first projects will be published by the end of the year.

Last October, House4crowd became part of the Fintech District. CEO and co-founder Francesco Chechile considers it “the Italian reference point for the Fintech and Proptech sectors to which we belong”.

The House4crowd team aims to find in this community other startups and companies that can collaborate with its platform. For this young company, the aspect of networking and the idea of being able to get in touch and confront the whole Italian fintech ecosystem is also important.

Meanwhile, House4crowd is also taking action abroad developing partnerships with international companies and “we will also soon be able to see, among the proposed projects, also real estate transactions in the European and American markets”.

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