Our fintech input at the Milano Digital Week

On the occasion of its second edition, the Milano Digital Week 2019 will put forward an informative agenda of events and workshops about the state of the art in digital and innovation. When it comes to innovation, we at the Fintech District team feel involved, and, in fact, are not left unmoved by this initiative! Keep reading for further details!!

This year’s edition will take place from 13 to 17 March, last 5 days and will be focused on the hot topic of Smart City: an important theme for the city of Milan, which has always been the technological leader of our country. And what better example of a smart city is one in which fintech services become part of daily life, leading to new management of the financial situation of every citizen.

Since the the project was conceived, the heart of the Fintech District has been represented by the startup community and for this reason we have decided, together with our partner Copernico, to include in the event (scheduled within the building in Copernico Isola for S32) two events which better explain the evolution of the fintech in the context of the city using a very practical approach, such as mobility and machine learning applied to daily financial life .

So free yourselves on March 14 from 19 onwards and on March 15 from 16.30 onwards: we are waiting for you!

14-03 Smart City >> Mobility Platform

GaiaGo offers us an event for reflecting on smart cities and the creation of user centric spaces. Starting from the concept of smart sities and Smart building, during the evening we will discuss how technologies interact with smart buildings and the city, imagining smart communities and possible mobility solutions that could, in the future, be depopulated.

Among the speakers are Massimo Dal Checco (Assolombarda), Federico Cassani (MIC Mobility in Chain), Nicola Marsala (Kia Motors Italy), Massimiliano Mandarini (GreenSmartLiving). Giorgio Mezley, CEO of GaiaGo, who will moderate the meeting organized also thanks to the technical / scientific coordination of arch. Donatella Wallnofer, an expert in welfare and sustainability in building restoration, vice president of the National Institute of Bio-architecture Milan.

For more information, and to sign up, this is the LINK

15-03 Digital Democratization

The impact of new technologies on daily life is the theme of the event organized by Oval Money which during the Milano Digital Week 2019, together with key figures from the new Italian startup, will describe how the User Digital Experience approaches new languages, complex technologies and means of communication, turning them into indispensable tools for improving everyday life, both professionally and personally.

Claudio Bedino (Oval Money) will analyze the practical consequences of the intersection between Machine Learning hypertechnology and UX usability and illustrate real applications in which the User Digital Experience is optimized thanks to Data Science and Machine Learning technologies. With Simone Marzola (Oval Money) we will discover with which tools and strategies you can make all of this concretely applicable in your working reality.

For more information, and to sign up, this is the link

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House of Genius: the experience of GaiaGo

GaiaGo wants to offer the first electric mobility platform integrated with buildings to improve people’s mobility. This would be an electric mobility platform directly usable through a digital application and aimed at communities of people who want to use an electric mobility solution but above all who want a form of mobility that has a positive social impact.

GaiaGo is one of the three startups that last December took part in the pilot event of House of Genius Milan. House of Genius is a format invented in America that has become widespread in many countries of the world, and brings together, on a monthly basis, three exciting businesses, all three at an early developmental stage. Each presenter poses a specific set of business challenges to a panel of “geniuses'” coming from a range of different industries, with the objective of receiving fresh feedback.

From 2019 House of Genius will also take place in Milan, organized by Fintech District

To better understand what it feels like to participate in this event, in the role of a startup submitting their case to the group of “geniuses”, we asked Mattia Zara, Marketing Director of GaiaGo, to tell us about his experience

What struck you about the house of genius format?

By all means the innovation of the format: an Anglo-Saxon approach that allows for comparison of extremely productive ideas among professionals from different environments. The fact of presenting the business model to a panel of “geniuses”, revealing their identity only at the end of the meeting, makes a genuine and innovative comparison possible.

What did you learn from the “Geniuses”?

Acceleration and concreteness. “Geniuses” have helped us to unravel strategic and therefore practical doubts in the application of our business model. We have received advice regarding the activation of other revenue lines and on simplifying the understanding for the general public.

Would you recommend this experience to another startup? Why?

Absolutely yes, the comparison is always productive and the format, so designed, allows you to gather many ideas, concrete ones and immediately expand towards an international network.

To learn more about GaiaGo, watch this video interview. To learn more about HouseofGenius, visit the Milan chapter website.

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