Wavenure: interview with Giulio Massucci

Wavenure applies artificial intelligence to investment decisions in financial markets. The cognitive intelligence system used by this startup, a member of the Fintech District, assesses the performance of markets and individual financial instruments and combines quantitative approaches, decision-making algorithms of its production, and expert systems based on technical analysis.

Wavenure decides on its own whether or not the stock is to be bought or sold. Co-founder Giulio Massucci explains: “our offer is aimed at the world of financial institutions, then online brokers and consulting networks that want to enrich their services and want to support their users or their financial adviser”.

Wavenure also addresses the world of asset management in order to optimize the decision of professionals as well as there being a desire to bring the intelligent investment decision approach to the world of private investors and traders alike.

That is the reason for which the Wavenure team is about to launch a new service, braino.ai. It will offer “multi-horizon” trading strategies for trading and portfolios to those who want to allocate their capital to the financial markets in a more efficient way.

Wavenure not only operates in Italy, in fact: as Massucci explains, “our business has always been international in scope, because we monitor the global financial markets and turn to every type of investor, in every geographical location”. Massucci explains there are already relationships with banks, even abroad, and the intention is to continue developing on international markets.

In recent weeks Wavenure has also participated in the Singularity University Summit, in Milan, and is organizing itself to present its offer in events focused mainly on the world of innovation and fintech in the field of financial investments

The Wavenure mission is to “bring innovation in the field of investments in financial markets both through an applied approach which combines artificial intelligence with quantitative approaches, and by giving the possibility to offer types of highly performing investment to the investing public”.

“From this point of view the Fintech District offers us the ecosystem which allows us to carry out research in a very dynamic and innovative environment – explains Massucci – it also helps us to constantly monitor all the news from the regulatory point of view concerning the world of investments and wealth management “.

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