Carbon tracking through payment? Greenly is ready

More and more often, values related to environmental sustainability appear in the business plan and mission of innovative global start-ups. This is a transversal emergency that must affect all sectors, and fintech cannot shy away from it. On the contrary, it can set an example for other industries by showing how technology can lend a big hand in tackling the climate crisis.

The potential of fintech is enormous, as demonstrated by companies such as Greenly. In this interview, Giulia Girardi takes an in-depth look at the mission and projects of this excellent company.

What greenly does and who it is aimed at?

Greenly is a company specialized in carbon tracking through payments. Our mission is to democratise access to carbon analytics to all businesses and individuals, and we do this through 3 solutions:
• Our app for individuals to track their emissions
• Our carbon accounting software for SMEs – through which we served more than 200 companies
• Our API for banks and fintechs to integrate emissions information within their banking apps – serving at the moment 13M users

How is your team structured?

It was founded in 2019 by Techstars alumni and Alexis Normand (CEO), Matthieu Vegreville, (CTO) and Arnaud Delubac, (CMO) – who decided to bring their expertise gained within health-tech company Withings on the quantified self to the fight against climate change.

How has your business grown in recent months?

To date – Greenly has raised a seed round of €500k and recently announced a bridge round of €2.5M and is currently on route to raise €10M to scale and internationalize their operations outside of France.

Have you done or would you like to do any open innovation projects? What kind and with whom?

Greenly is open to connect with companies operating with payments or within the sustainability industry to make carbon analytics a new, easily accessible standard.

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