Adecco, Fintech & People

Fintech companies are full of talent and people with strong skills, and job positions in this sector continue to grow. Innovation in the financial sector has led to the creation of new jobs and roles. Today, we talk about this with Adecco, Professional Partner of Fintech District.

 Who exactly is Adecco and what do you do? 

Adecco is the company of The Adecco Group that develops and enhances human capital. 

It is the leading employment agency in Italy: every day we contribute to matching job supply and demand. We respond to the needs of protection, guarantee, and professional continuity of workers and meet the need for transformation expressed by companies in a world of continuous change.

Thanks to a team of 2,000 professionals and more than 300 branches throughout Italy, Adecco employs more than 45,000 people every day and is a partner to more than 11,000 clients.

Who are you addressing and what do you offer? What is your uniqueness and your added value?

We relate to companies and candidates every day: on the one hand, we help companies to take advantage of new growth opportunities by responding to the need for flexibility and quality with dedicated solutions and tailor-made services; on the other hand, we are a true partner for candidates and support them in their search for new job opportunities and in achieving their goals. 

Our uniqueness lies in guiding candidates through all stages of their career path and offering companies the best solutions to their needs. This is possible thanks to all the Adecco professionals who are active throughout the country. 

Why did you become interested in fintech? What opportunities do you see in this sector?

As Adecco, we have chosen to develop a specialized division – Adecco Financial Services – to support companies and candidates in the fintech sector, which is becoming increasingly popular in the market.

Having worked in the fintech sector for many years now, we have realized how the combination of technology and finance is becoming increasingly important. A company like Adecco, synonymous with innovation, start-ups, and the future of work, could only bring added value to companies and candidates in the panorama of new opportunities born in this sector.

How can you support the fintech community as a Professional Partner?

Adecco is part of the most important multi-brand platform of HR solutions and services. Thanks to our ecosystem we are therefore a valuable support for companies and candidates. We will provide the fintech companies of the Community with our know-how and experience in HR management, to support them in the growth, training (upskilling and reskilling), development, and management of human resources.

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