Cybersecurity and IT Security Services: interview with HWG

Cybersecurity specialization is its strength, as well as the skills and expertise that allowed the company  to have a strong presence on both the Italian and International scene since 2008, with offices in Vilnius and Dubai. We are talking about HWG, founded in 2008 in Verona and offering medium and large-sized companies IT security services

Their core is the Security Operation Centre and their mission is to protect companies and take charge of the management and prevention of cyber incidents

Their motto? “Focus on growing your business, while we secure your critical system”.

Their first distinctive points is the specialization: they are not a generalist partner, but they specialize in cyber security. 

Another key element is the technical-consulting aspect: they want to position themselves as an extension of their clients’ IT security team to take charge of day-to-day activities, but also the development of the strategy, the governance and the processes needed to improve companies’ security. 

They are able to combine technical management and consultative elements in order to maintain the hard core of day-to-day operations –  such as incident management, 24-hour monitoring, and technology configuration and maintenance – but also to offer support from the perspective of governance processes and strategy development. By doing so, they can help all the stakeholders to spread the importance of security in their company, while also making it a key element in risk assessment from a business development perspective. 

What are the most relevant areas of cyber risk in relation to fintech? How is HWG managing to combine strategies and services truly dedicated to the fintech world?

We talked about it with Stefano Brusaferro, sales and marketing director at HWG.

Watch the full interview

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