SalaryFits: interview with Moacir Giansante

SalaryFits is a fintech focused on financial wellbeing and sustainability that puts itself forward as an innovative channel aimed at providing value to individuals through their salaries thanks to a particular technology which optimizes process management and risk analysis.

Its goal is to facilitate those who have difficulty accessing credit lines and those who have very high interest rates. SalaryFits is a spin-off of a Brazilian company. Before arriving in Italy, in 2017, it was already active in Portugal, UK, Mexico, Spain and India.

Among its products, the one most suited to the Italian market concerns the salary-backed loan, as explained by Moacir Giansante, Country Manager at SalaryFits. It allows the employee to gain more control over financial expenses while remaining constantly updated about monthly charges.

SalaryFits has recently started a partnership with a benefits provider, Edenred, in Portugal: “It’s a very interesting synergy – comments Giansante – because it combines corporate welfare benefits with those concerning credit”.

In 2018 this fintech became part of the Fintech District community, “a very similar one to that based in London, in Canary Wharf: Level39 – explains Giansante – it is important for us to be part of an innovative environment like this, with a number of startups but also attended by financial institutions looking for new ideas “.

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