Cirdan Capital, a financial boutique interested in Italian fintech

Cirdan Capital is a financial boutique dealing exclusively with the issuance of structured products for the European public. It has existed since 2014, is based in London and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. A few months ago it became a corporate member of the Fintech District.

“Our activity consists in creating tailor-made investment financial products for the needs of all clients. Ranging from the largest administered funds to the largest investment banks, from private banks to pension funds and retail clients – explains CEO & Founder Antonio De Negri – We make our products available to everyone on several European stock exchanges, in France, Germany and especially in Italy which is our main market. We address an extremely wide audience trying to satisfy all needs and requirements and the different types of investment and market vision that are never uniform”.

Cirdan Capital has always had contacts with the fintech world even if it is not considered a fintech company rather a company that makes Tech for Fin. “We offer a series of technological solutions to our partners that allow them to develop those applications necessary for making a series of investments usable – explains De Negri – We are an investment provider, we offer investment solutions as a service giving the possibility creating and managing all those range of solutions that can be invested on the market required by the different platforms. Over the years we have developed very important partnerships in the fintech sector covering the part related to investment that is our core business and where we have always left an imprint of uniqueness and differentiation for the end customer”.

By joining Fintech District, Cirdan Capital expects to “see a series of beautiful initiatives and opportunities to meet new people, confront each other, develop new ideas, bring our messages and understand how all this activity around the world of fintech in Italy is moving and developing – concludes De Negri – We want to give our contribution. We think we can do this in terms of development, innovation and research and also in terms of support and growth of all those companies that are like we were six years ago with great ideas, great ambitions and great projects, with a great desire to develop them all perhaps by finding a partner like us, that can help them grow.

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Splitty Pay: interview with Alberto Porzio

Splitty Pay is an alternative payment system that aims to simplify purchases between groups and at the same time to improve the performance of e-commerce platforms.

This startup entered the market not so long ago with the first two platforms and is making agreements with other very important platforms. By the end of 2018, as explained by Alberto Porzio, founder of Splitty Pay, “we aim to be present on many e-commerce sites”.

Immediately after entering the market in Italy, the company aims to enter the UK market which is 5 times bigger than the Italian one. Its team has already participated in a six-week acceleration program in London, TechItalia London, “which allowed us – says Porzio – to start looking at the UK world”.

Last summer Splitty Pay became part of the Fintech District community and not only for the location! “We consider it the ideal place to grow quickly and get in touch with other fintech companies – explains Porzio – while from the Fintech District we expect support at all stages of our growth, both in finding possible partners and in participating in events during which we can explain what our vision is”.

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