Talos: interview with Luca Verderame

Talos is a Ligurian startup dealing with cybersecurity. It is a spin-off belonging to the University of Genoa and provides cybersecurity solutions, particularly in the field of mobile applications. It is addressed both at companies offering their customers applications and to all those who use mobile applications within their work activities.

Talos’ flagship product is Approver, a fully automated service which allows you to evaluate the security of mobile applications, but there are others coming soon. As CEO Luca Verderame explains, “we are an innovative startup and deal with research, so we are working hard to expand our portfolio of products and services, especially in the iOT, Fog and cloud sectors“.

Meanwhile, Talos is creating many partnerships with national and international companies to make itself known. Its product, being in “as a service” mode, is available all over the world but at present is almost exclusively on the national territory. This is why Verderame is starting collaborations with both European and non-European companies.

In October, Talos became part of the Fintech District “having a technology and solutions that can be very interesting for those working in the fintech sector. “More and more mobile apps are used for activities related to the financial world “explains Verderame adding that Talos arrives in the community eager to bring innovation and team up with both national and international technological realities

Next year it will undoubtedly take part in Cybertech Europe and in the event “Banche e Sicurezza”, as well as in numerous specialist workshops, on topics related to the research activities it carries out within its team.

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