QONTO: interview with Mariano Spalletti

Qonto is an online current account for business customers which allows companies and professionals to save a lot of time on all those activities and operations those who do business carry out on a daily basis. Qonto has been included by KPMG among the 100 most innovative fintech in the world.

Its success is evident by looking at the data: in France, in less than 2 years, it has reached over 40 thousand customers and continues to grow exponentially expanding in other European countries including Italy, Spain and Germany. Mariano Spalletti, Country Manager Italy, explains: “The large number of requests received in Italy after we had just arrived shows that companies and professionals perceive a gap in business banking”.

By joining the community of Fintech District, Qonto aims to have opportunities to share and exchange experiences, but also to collaborate with companies to improve the service to the end customer. “I believe that Fintech District can give valuable opportunities to the local economic system and to the fintech sector – comments Spalletti – It is the reference hub within the fintech system in Italy”.”

On the Qonto website you can create your own online bank account in 5 minutes without obligation, with many advantages and saving time every day. Among the main features of Qonto is the user experience. “It is simple and intuitive to use thanks to efficient tools for managing current accounts and payments, but also teams and expense reports – explains Spalletti – This is also thanks to tools that simplify the management of accounting and allow the accountant to directly access the account”.

Qonto also has a very active customer service that manages 40,000 customers in France, guaranteeing an average response time of about 15 minutes. Another competitive aspect of Qonto according to Spalletti is pricing: “Ours is clear and transparent. This is an added value in the banking sector, where there are so many hidden costs”.

As the number of clients grows, Qonto is carrying on an intense recruiting activity all over the world, “It’s perhaps the only case where guys from Silicon Valley come to Europe to support the growth of a startup” says Spalletti. Today Qonto has a staff of about 130 people of over 20 different nationalities, the goal is to reach the end of 2019 with over 200 employees.

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