GaiaGO and the first shared e-mobility project in a company

Sorgenia and GaiaGo have signed the first shared e-mobility project in a company structure. This is an important step forward for sustainable mobility and also for GaiaGo which provides the digital management platform for the 3 electric cars supplied to Sorgenia employees. Mattia Zara, GaiaGo Marketing Director, further explains the project and the role of the company.

What does this community mobility sharing project is about?

Community Mobility Sharing is the first electric mobility platform integrated into buildings. An electric vector fleet is available to all company community by GaiaGo app. Community Mobility sharing app let people schedule the trips, managing all vectors and recharge them. The number of vectors is chosen in function of the hours needed to all users. Creating a sustainable and optimized mobility platform

What added value does the GaiaGo platform bring to the company?

Being able to digitally manage all the mobility needs of all users in the community, in a totally sustainable way as the platform is fully electric and avoiding the over-number of vehicles. But above all to create a true sustainable and inclusive solution for the company.

From the user’s side, what are the benefits of such a service?

GaiaGo app is the first that allows the scheduling of vehicle reservations. Planning for use means giving everyone in the community the opportunity to use vehicles. By creating a safe and respectful context of use

In which other companies/situations can your platform be used for such projects?

Residential building, Social housing, hotel and corporate building. In few words where community needs a secure and inclusive mobility needs.

Do you already have other plans?

We are launching in Rome and two other projects in Milan, serving hotels and residential buildings

House of Genius: the experience of GaiaGo

GaiaGo wants to offer the first electric mobility platform integrated with buildings to improve people’s mobility. This would be an electric mobility platform directly usable through a digital application and aimed at communities of people who want to use an electric mobility solution but above all who want a form of mobility that has a positive social impact.

GaiaGo is one of the three startups that last December took part in the pilot event of House of Genius Milan. House of Genius is a format invented in America that has become widespread in many countries of the world, and brings together, on a monthly basis, three exciting businesses, all three at an early developmental stage. Each presenter poses a specific set of business challenges to a panel of “geniuses'” coming from a range of different industries, with the objective of receiving fresh feedback.

From 2019 House of Genius will also take place in Milan, organized by Fintech District

To better understand what it feels like to participate in this event, in the role of a startup submitting their case to the group of “geniuses”, we asked Mattia Zara, Marketing Director of GaiaGo, to tell us about his experience

What struck you about the house of genius format?

By all means the innovation of the format: an Anglo-Saxon approach that allows for comparison of extremely productive ideas among professionals from different environments. The fact of presenting the business model to a panel of “geniuses”, revealing their identity only at the end of the meeting, makes a genuine and innovative comparison possible.

What did you learn from the “Geniuses”?

Acceleration and concreteness. “Geniuses” have helped us to unravel strategic and therefore practical doubts in the application of our business model. We have received advice regarding the activation of other revenue lines and on simplifying the understanding for the general public.

Would you recommend this experience to another startup? Why?

Absolutely yes, the comparison is always productive and the format, so designed, allows you to gather many ideas, concrete ones and immediately expand towards an international network.

To learn more about GaiaGo, watch this video interview. To learn more about HouseofGenius, visit the Milan chapter website.

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