Banca Sella and the choice to be open

Banca Sella is part of the Fintech District community. In this interview Doris Messina, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, shares what is the meaning she gives to be open and what are activities that the bank has implemented to provide a tangible representation to this word. Entirely in line with the philosophy of the Fintech District, she also launches an invitation to fintechs who want to collaborate and create new services or products.

How has Banca Sella dealt with the fintech world so far?

Banca Sella has always affirmed that only by building an open financial ecosystem, available to the community and supporting the development of fintech was an added value both for the creation of a broader ecosystem and for the banking industry itself. For this reason, in 2017 Sella started the Fintech District and was its creator, promoter and supporter.

What does the word Open mean to you specifically in banking?

For Banca Sella Open is the keyword. Open means above all open-mindedness, willingness to listen, questioning where it is needed, welcoming new collaborations and new initiatives born in synergy with the members of the community. It is in this spirit that we are part of the Fintech District and we invite those interested in starting synergistic activities to contact us.

What is the added value that Banca Sella thinks it can bring to the community?

First of all, in a context further renewed by PSD2, we provide our expertise, through consulting, thus offering the opportunity to interact with a player that has been operating in the banking and investment field for 130 years but with a view to innovation and the world of fintech. Banca Sella can also be the enabler for community members as we have made available almost 200 Banking and Financial services APIs on the Fabrick platform. We also support business development through Sella’s Corporate & Investment Banking division which helps companies, especially fintechs, to raise capital and carry out M&A operations.

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