PLICK: interview with Donato Vadruccio

Plick is the Paydo developed service suitable for all banks and financial realities that offer payment accounts. It allows payments across the SEPA area without having to know the payee’s IBAN. With Plick all you need is the mobile phone number or payee’s email address. As the CEO of PayDo Donato Vadruccio explains, “it’s an incredible advantage for those who want, or have to, make a payment without having an account or other services linked or parallel to their account”.

The platform was created in less than a year and, since April, has been available to customers of the first bank whch activated the service, Banca Mediolanum. Currently all of its customers can access Plick’s services through
the app in an easy and effective way. Vadruccio noticed that every customer uses Plick in his personal way: “someone pays for a car or a 3000 euro bike while there are even those who pay the deposit for a house. Plick is effective because it allows for immediate transfer to the beneficiary, it also guarantees when the asset is delivered!”.

After Banca Mediolanum, Credito Valtellinese will also start offering Plick services to its customers this summer, through a very similar pilot project. From September, Vadruccio and his team will continue the communication
campaign to make Plick known as rapidly as possible and not only to banks. They will also participate in numerous events and conferences, “the first on the agenda is the ‘Salone dei Pagamenti‘ in which we will have an active part”.

Being part of Fintech District for Plick means “being part of a community where startups find contacts, collaboration, cooperation and above all contamination. It is essential for startups to get to know each other, to know their problems, to swap experience and to derive value to grow together in an ecosystem that is becoming stronger and stronger thanks to Fintech District”.

“Undoubtedly, the difficulties in the fintech sector are many but we prefer to see them as incentives to find the best solutions” Vadruccio explains, noticing that “In Italy, Fintechs suffer from lack of capital and have problems with customer numbers and critical mass but working together and pushing beyond Italian borders helps to create expansion”.

For Plick, internationalization is essential. “Plick is already international, serving all the banks in Europe – Vadruccio points out – the customers of Banca Mediolanum can already pay a customer in any part the continent. For us, the European development will be a fundamental path to follow, in part thanks to Fintech District”.

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Talking Heads, starting from Oscar di Montigny

oscar di montignyIs it possible to talk about digital, innovation and technology in an intelligent and fun way at the same time? The Fintech District community accepted the challenge and launched a new event format to overcome it. The first event dedicated to the digital strategy for Fintechs was held last week.

Mattia Zara from Hoopygang and Roberto Esposito from Derev, as co-organizers, and Paolo Zanni from Plick as case study, participated at this event opened by Oscar di Montigny, innovator and author of the book “The time of the new heroes”. After this first date, sold out and full of ideas, others will follow from autumn. They will be evenings aimed at reinforcing the digital skills of the participants and will end with a great networking occasion.

At the center of the opening speech by Oscar Di Montigny there was the “Re-evolution of the disruption” and the need for a cultural change above all. According to him, the winners will be “those who know how to anticipate the new technological, social and market mega-trends, modeling the future as a system founded on the sharing of values”. oscar di montigny

Oscar di Montigny, with a TEDx style talk, told about his experience and the model of the 7Ps (person, people, partners, profit, prosperity, planet, peace) advising the public to have a holistic approach.

“You have to do real things that are necessary but above all you have to do positive and kind things” he said, warning the Fintechs in the public that “what you are working on might be old. You have to think looking to the future. Many companies that are currently very successful probably have their date of death in their DNA”. According to Oscar Di Montigny “Finance is now under siege and must be changed by those inside it and can rebuild it differently, starting from human values”.

Taking the definition of economics from the dictionary, he stressed that it is presented as “art”, so it should produce beauty. That’s why “Fintechs have to do beautiful things. Ask yourself if for you the human being is a goal or a means because finance has now transformed man in a means and itself in a purpose. It should be the opposite ”

Roberto Esposito, founder of Derev, intervened telling how his company was born and how it works, deepening together with a colleague the guidelines to follow in the use of digital strategies and social media if you work in the Fintech sector. From the data and his experience it has emerged that in the industry there is a lot of “shyness” and “those who influence are not on social networks or are exposed too little, so there are only potential influencers“.oscar di montigny

The evening continued with the intervention of Hoopygang Commercial Director Mattia Zara who spoke about content creation and Influencer marketing analyzing the new ways to “spread the word” with many funny and inspiring examples to learn from.

Before the final networking moment, Paolo Zanni explained what is Plick highlighting the social side of his experience. Plick is the service developed by the company Paydo that allows you to make payments across Europe, SEPA area, without having to know the payee’s IBAN.

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