Crowdestate: from Estonia to Italy and ready for two other markets!

Crowdestate is the main real estate crowdfunding platform born in Europe in 2015 connecting private investors and companies investing in a professional way in real estate. Thanks to the Crowdestate platform investors can select and invest their liquidity in investment opportunities in the real estate sector and thus gain an economic advantage. At the same time, real estate companies can find an additional and innovative source of liquidity that allows them to grow flexibly and very quickly.

Niccolò Pravettoni, Country Manager Italy, says that “the crowdfunding market was born around 2010 in the United States and after a few years arrived in Europe with its first platforms in the Baltic market, the first innovative European hub for crowdfunding platforms. It is not by chance that Crowdestate was born in Estonia, a few years later: exactly in 2014″.

After the first two years of activity this fintech decided to open new offices and new markets arriving in Italy, in Milan, in 2018, continued to grow: “today we can count more than 50 thousand investors who have financed investment opportunities for over 100 million euros with an average return on investment of over 10% on an annual basis” explains Pravettoni. Crowdestate, since its inception, is continuing to grow and has a team of over 20 people located in 7 offices in major European cities. “We expect to be operational in the coming months in two new countries”. In Italy the team is very young and always looking for new talents and new collaborations. Right now they are looking for a new business developer to increase business on the Italian market.

Taking a look, together with Pravettoni,at the situation of the real estate market today he explains that in recent years it has experienced positive moments with growth rates always on the rise, especially in big cities, but “the crisis of 2008 had a very big negative impact on the sector and this is still evident today especially with regard to access to credit”. Medium- and small-sized companies are still struggling to access credit from the banking channel and find in Crowdestate “a fast and flexible source of innovative liquidity that allows them to finance their investment opportunities and grow faster”.

For investors, amongst other things, it is not a good period because, as Pravettoni explains,, “it is difficult to find interesting investments in the market. Through Crowdestate they can participate in real estate investment opportunities of a significant cut in which they could not have taken part as individuals and thus participate and benefit from very interesting returns with investments that can start from very small figures, even 100 euros”.

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