Fintech4i: interview with Enrico Malverti

Fintech4i is a fintech company dealing with the design of robot advisors and robot traders and will soon be ready to present its first true robot advisor designed in white label together with a bank and according to the Chief of Board Enrico Malverti “it will certainly be a massive innovation for the Italian market”

Fintech4i has an institutional target and operates with B2B2C and B2B logic, and deals with both the designing of the models and digitization of consultancy and order collection. In its team, you can find “the best skills from a financial point of view, in terms of logic and quantitative design, and also from the point of view of robot trading and automated platforms”.

This year Fintech4i will be present at all the major finance events to be held in Italy, starting from Salone del Risparmio, IT Forum and TOL Expo. This fintech is very interested in the foreign market, especially in the European market, but has chosen to approach it towards the second part of 2019 and especially from 2020 onwards. The first step in the internationalization process was the entry into the Fintech District community, which took place at the beginning of the year

“It is a very important point of reference in the Italian fintech ecosystem – Enrico Malverti explains – and as members of this community we expect to establish relationships and find synergies with other companies that are part of it and also to gain greater visibility.

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