Auriga promotes the Auriga Fintech Award

Auriga promotes the Auriga Fintech Award to work with Fintech Start-ups to co-create new innovations for banking and payments customers

Auriga, the Italian leader in software solutions for omnichannel banking globally, today promotes the Auriga Fintech Award in collaboration with the Fintech District and the Salone dei Pagamenti. Through the award, fintech startups who are developing new solutions for banking and advanced payments can win the opportunity to become a technology partner of Auriga who will help bring their innovations to market through financial and technical support.

Following an initial screening of the candidates by Auriga, the five finalists will go through a final judging panel on November 8th during the Salone dei Pagamenti in Milan. They will be pitching their fintech solutions in front of an audience and the judging panel. The winning startup will receive a prize of 5000 euro and will have the opportunity to collaborate with the company.

The aim of the award is to spotlight new and exciting innovations from fintechs and identify opportunities for joint development of innovative solutions. Auriga can offer the startups, not only its ability to penetrate the banking and payments market through its relationship with numerous customers, but also the proven strengths and capabilities of its own technology.

Auriga is most interested in how the award can be the basis for creating new innovative solutions in terms of ease of use, mobile access and customization based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT).

The award also takes advantage of the introduction of the PSD2 regulation. This is encouraging the adoption of a collaborative approach by big players who see in Open Innovation the opportunity to develop new products and services that are increasingly innovative and able to respond to the demands of end customers. Auriga has already demonstrated its belief in the Open Innovation model during 2018 by creating the IC406 incubator with the aim of getting in touch with ideas and skills from the outside, even coming from very different fields. This initiative is aimed at students, graduates, researchers, professionals, young companies or innovative SMEs, looking for support and specific skills to build their own startup.

In the new context of Open Banking and PSD2, the Auriga Fintech Award is the way in which Auriga once again confirms its natural drive towards innovation and experimentation. The running of this award positions Auriga as a leader among those companies that are immediately leveraging these new rules to accelerate their business and encourage the development of the entire Italian fintech ecosystem.

Italian fintech sets the pace for reaching Europe

After a 27% increase in the number of Italian Fintech startups and an ample doubling of investments in the sector, recorded from 2017 to 2018, the projections for 2019 are positive. Our country has accelerated its pace shortening the distances that separate it from other European countries so far only geographically close, such as France and Germany. Fintech District, a reference point for the sector in Italy and beyond, as well as within its own community, feels the same ferment and growing interest from international stakeholders on the one hand and on the other registers positive trends within the sector reflecting national data.

According to PWC research, the number of fintech startups operating in our country between 2017 and 2018 rose from 235 to 299: an increase of 27%. The Fintech District community has shown the same growth and 2019 seems to be a promising year. 2018 closed with 100 startups; currently, there are 122 and by the end of the year it is likely over 130 startups will be reached, marking a growth of +30% compared to last year. The most numerous are those dealing with smart payments & money transfers, lending & solutions for credit, wealth management & solutions for the financial market.

Investment in the sector is also growing, a long-awaited and very important signal for an Italy can finally be truly competitive in Europe and beyond. 2018 was an extraordinary year in this sense: there were investments made in Italian fintech for a total of 213 million euros, more than half of the total collected by Italian fintech from the beginning of their activity to date. On the one hand, investors have begun to look carefully at Italian fintech, while on the other hands, the startups themselves have become increasingly able to attract capital.

In this context, the Fintech District has acted as a facilitator, promoting meetings and collaborations between the various stakeholders, including investors. Since its creation in October 2017, more than 220 million euros have been raised. In all previous years, fintech startups had managed to raise a total of only about 170 million euros. (data calculated on the basis of Bebeez fintech report may-2019 and Bebeez fintech report march-2019)

2019 seems to be the year in which Italy will come to the table together with the other European countries, leaders of fintech on an equal footing, strengthened by the determination of the many emerging startups populating the sector and also by the opening that several big players and institutional subjects have shown. In this already positive scenario, the entry into force of the PSD2, on September 14, has shown a strong acceleration, today we can already guess the consequences that will be more evident in 2020. There are many fintech that are ready to take advantage of the benefits of open banking to take flight, at first glance one of the most crowded sectors seems to be that of services for SMEs of which Italy has many and that so far, perhaps, have been able to benefit from fewer dedicated offers.

Find out what we’ll be talking about at Salone dei Pagamenti
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Let’s get Open innovation to Salone dei Pagamenti 2019 !

Innovation is once again a protagonist at Salone dei Pagamenti 2019 thanks to the rich program of content provided by Fintech District, which is, once again, a partner of the event this year. The event is a key one for our community, which is just two years has managed to bring together more than 120 startups including major corporations, fintech hubs, not only in Europe, and other major international stakeholders.

We believe that open innovation is the key to the evolution of the financial sector, and for this reason we have chosen to make this theme the protagonist of the path that we will take during the three days of November dedicated to innovation and payments through meetings, round tables and confrontations to explain/describe the current situation, the current Italian and international trends as well as future steps.

Collaborations between startups and corporations, the international scene and fintech ecosystems are the three themes that will be interconnected in our agenda designed to illustrate the many forms open innovation can take in the sector.

We will recount stories of companies that have innovated through collaboration with startups, showing the challenges and opportunities that a “big market” faces in this situation. Through the analysis of real cases, already present on the market, we will demonstrate it is possible to solve difficulties and obtain concrete advantages when collaboration is well managed, We also want to reflect together with participants on the role of accelerators in the development of fintech companies: how to create an effective one and develop successful solutions? There are international players who have succeeded and will reveal how.

The agenda of the “Fintech & Open Innovation” session of Salone dei Pagamenti 2019 will also include detailed information on regulation and the sandbox measure for fintech, to discuss its implications and possible international developments, opportunities, and possible risks. Special attention will be given to the experiences of Italian entrepreneurs and startups who have gone abroad and of companies which have come to Italy from outside the border, to understand the levers facilitating internationalization.

In these three days, fintech ecosystems will also be amongst the protagonists and we will analyze the role they play in the sector not only in Italy but all over Europe. Are they useful for startups wanting to expand abroad? And for those who want to meet investors? Could an “ecosystem of fintech ecosystems” really foster the evolution of this sector? On this occasion, we will also unveil a new international project that actually focuses on this.

We look forward to seeing you at Salone dei Pagamenti 2019. Here is the agenda and all the links to subscribe!

November 6th

November 7th

November 8th

Movenda at Salone dei Pagamenti with FD

Movenda S.p.A., a leading company in the field of Digital Identity and a member of the FIDO Alliance, will take part in the Salone dei Pagamenti as a guest of “Fintech goes to Italy”. Nicola d’Adduzio, Research Engineer & Software Developer, anticipates what will be presented from 7th to 9th November during this important event.

What does Movenda do?

Movenda provides a set of authentication methods for the user, aligned with the new requirements of the PSD2 and with the regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS). Strong Customer Authentication and Identity-management are just some of the areas in which Movenda has concentrated its investments. We imagine a future without complex passwords to remember and to change, a world in which “to prove who we are” will be something automatic.

What is your target?

Our solutions are dedicated to all those subjects (banks, companies, start-ups or financial intermediaries) who want to implement in their services a new paradigm of strong authentication based on biometrics and an extremely tested safety protocol, being continually revisited by the members of the alliance. Our protocol is extremely secure and makes the user experience more fluid and efficient because no password has to be remembered and typed out.
Movenda is also aimed at all those who need to make a cryptographic signature on any digital content. In fact, through asymmetric key cryptography, the requirement of non-repudiation for the confirmation of a transaction can be easily reached.

Why did you decide to participate in the Salone dei Pagamenti?

Because we believe in technological innovation as being part of a positive change in the world, in simplifying and speeding up our daily actions generated by technological innovation, especially those connected to our digital identities. We believe that our solutions can be interesting for the Fintech sector because they improve and make the user’s authentication more secure through biometrics and the confirmation of a transaction through a cryptographic signature.

How will you be present?

We will introduce the Fintech sector to a safety standard that is rapidly catching on in the American and Asian markets. The protocol we are talking about is the one proposed by FIDO (“Fast IDentity Online”) Alliance, an alliance formed by banking institutions (Bank of America and ING Group), e-commerce (Amazon, Alibaba Group), world leaders in the market credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express) and the main tech giants (Google and Microsoft).
Our Egomet FIDO® server is one of the first FIDO® Server products certified by FIDO Alliance in Europe. FIDO authentication solutions offer many benefits to IT providers, companies and service providers including: improved user experience, confirmed transactions through cryptographic signature and reduced fraud risk

What do you expect from this experience?

This will be the first Fintech event in which we take part in Italy after having taken part in the Money2020 in Amsterdam. We hope to make ourselves known and appreciated by the Fintech District and by the realities that will participate in the event. Our goal is also to make the FIDO protocol known to as many realities as possible so that we can build new scenarios and new business models together.

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Domec at Salone dei Pagamenti with FD

Domec is a member of the Fintech District community and decided to be present at the Salone dei Pagamenti 2018. Simone Mariani explains why.

Why did you decide to participate?

At present, the Salone dei Pagamenti is the best stage for any company in the supply chain and therefore it represents an unmissable opportunity for networking and also for updating Domec. Last year we had already participated as a partner of the initiative, with excellent feedback in terms of new collaborations and expansion of the audience of reference. It goes without saying that this year we want to present ourselves in a more organic way to talk about the good news we have in the pipeline.

How will you be present and what will you show at the show?

We decided to adopt a storytelling strategy, showing our technologies and concretely telling about the new features of the Domec Tools proprietary platform. We will present Belooy, our technology on the launch pad, and many new features that will make us have fun already starting in 2019. The digital payments world is constantly growing and we want to be active players in the development.

Will you also participate in a panel? About which themes?

We will tell about Domec in the glass room of Fintech goes to Italy, with a pitch dedicated to the evolution of our solutions. We will discuss the theme of “payment cards: which is their future?” in the panel, on the agenda in the thematic section of payments, on the 8th of November. It will be an excellent time to give our contribution to the sector.

What do you expect from the Salone dei Pagamenti?

First of all, we expect to transmit and receive new product ideas, perspectives, and then definitely important collaborations for our next evolutionary steps. We have a lot of news in the construction site to say that they will receive the attention of those present …

How did the Fintech District support you in participating in the Salone dei Pagamenti?

Thanks to the collaboration with Fintech District, we will be present in the thematic area “Fintech goes to Italy”, trying to contaminate each other positively with similar and complementary realities to us and addressing the most important strategic issues for the growth of the FinTech sector, from the fundamental role of ecosystem, access to capital, integration and dialogue between Fintech and Incumbent, up to the need to promote internationalization. A very interesting opportunity that we wanted to catch at once.

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Utego: interview with Stefano Musso

Utego is an innovative fintech startup which recently became a member of the Fintech District community and, thanks to Fintech District, will be present at the next Salone dei Pagamenti. As CEO Stefano Musso explains, “we propose to our users to aggregate their current accounts and financial positions, aggregate the knowledge of all financial and non-financial products and services on the market, and to aggregate their own purchase power”.

Through the logic of social shopping users can put together their availability and their contractual strength, to get more. In this case, UTEGO opens an auction with the financial institutions to get the best conditions for the end users. “With aggregation we create market transparency and give more power to users – explains Musso – that’s why our pay off is ‘your money power’”.

Utego has just launched its website There is already a prototype of the app with regard to its front end, the back – end is being processed, while the partners are continually looking for industrial partners.

Since its birth Utego has been a member of Assofintech and Assolombarda and recently a member of the Fintech District community. “We believe a lot in the hub the Fintech District is creating with all the startups and fintechs, it has a very proactive organization and offers very useful moments of exchange and networking – comments Musso – Italy is missing an ecosystem that can join all startups with the world of real economy and the Fintech District could just be a starting point for this ecosystem ”

And the future of Utego?

From a geographical point of view it is certainly of Italian descent and would like to remain Italian – “if the Italian system will allow it” – but has a European DNA and aims to expand across the continent starting from Spain, Portugal, France and UK where it has already contacted.

From a business point of view, “we were born directing ourselves to the end users, but we immediately want to embrace the entire area of small businesses and then go into asset management and corporate. Also as aggregated products and services we want to offer not only financial services but also energy and other things “.

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FD goes to Salone dei pagamenti

From the fundamental role of the ecosystem to accessing capitals, integration and dialogue between Fintech and Incumbent, up to the need of promoting internationalization: the “Fintech goes to Italy” route which the Fintech District offers during Salone dei Pagamenti, from 7th to 9th November in Milan, will address all the strategic themes for the growth of Fintech with the aim of drawing attention to a sector in continuous growth,both in Italy and beyond.

During Salone dei Pagamenti, “Fintech goes to Italy” will bring to MICO Milano Congressi thought leaders, entrepreneurs and managers of the international and national financial world. There will be numerous events to discuss together the development and growth prospects of the Fintech ecosystem in our country.

Following the route proposed by the Fintech District in collaboration with Salone dei Pagamenti means being able to access content and in-depth information in English and learn about the main Fintechs active in Italy as well as foreign operators interested in entering our country.

fintech goes to Italy

“Fintech goes to Italy” sounds international and it really is. It is an initiative designed to encourage dialogue and collaboration, to bring innovation to financial services and accelerate the growth of the Italian ecosystem with a view to openness to the world, collaboration and co-creation of virtuous initiatives in the sector.

From 7th to 9th November participants will find in the program conferences and meetings to observe the current situation of the Italian Fintech ecosystem and discuss how collaboration impacts on it. There will also be an opportunity to talk about Venture Capital and explore possible strategies to increase the attraction of capital. Thanks to prominent guests from all over the world, “Fintech goes to Italy” from Milan proposes to the whole country to adopt an international point of view and evaluate challenges and opportunities for the present and near future.

Just over a year after its beginning, the Fintech District has established itself as a point of reference for the Fintech sector in the country and for all those who, from abroad, want to know better when it takes place in Italy. Bringing Fintech to Salone dei Pagamenti, offering spaces for discussion and suggesting food for thought and growth, means making sure the sector has the space it deserves within the most important Italian event on payment innovation, for institutions, banking and non-banking companies, public administration and professionals but also for exhibitors, citizens and students.

“We are proud to open the event up to an international audience organized by ABI” commented Alessandro Longoni, head of Fintech District, underlining that “a session in English is an important starting point for the internationalization of the our market and a greater understanding abroad of the dynamics that govern it. We hope the benefits of greater international openness will fall on the entire Italian market “.

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