Bandyer and its linking revolution

Bandyer is one of the companies that joined the FD Community last spring, right during lockdown. We asked CEO Filippo Rocca to tell us more about Bandyer’s activities, its projects for the end of 2020 and the team behind its successes.

What does Bandyer do and who does it turn to?

Bandyer is the Italian scaleup aimed at the B2B2C market, which develops and offers a simple and immediate communication channel between companies and end customers. This solution is able to work both via web and mobile and allows to easily integrate all video communication, chat and collaboration tools within any application. This is the main element of difference compared to big market players such as Teams, WebEx, to name a few, aimed at creating stand alone platforms for intra-company collaboration. Moreover, Bandyer is an entirely free software solution, based on WebRTC technology, which allows you to participate in a call from any device by simply clicking on a link.

When were you born and what stage of development are you at now?

Bandyer was born in 2016 from the idea of five Italian guys to make video communication as easy as possible, in order to make it accessible even to those who are not digital experts. In this sense, today, Bandyer offers a secure, innovative and unique solution in Italy, allowing companies to have at their fingertips a channel of assistance and advice for their customers.
At the moment, Bandyer is experiencing exponential growth and expansion, in terms of team, offering and customers. Such a considerable development is certainly also due to lockdown and the difficult period we are going through, which has significantly changed the way customers dialogue and use the services they buy, highlighting the real potential of the technology. In this context, in fact, it has created a need for companies to have digital service models capable of encouraging a simple and immediate dialogue and engagement with customers, allowing Bandyer to highlight the strength of its solution and grow even more, taking its product to a higher level.
Our goal is to help companies interact with their customers as quickly and effectively as possible, supporting them in secure communication and collaboration and adapting to their different needs.

Have you done, are you doing or are you planning to do, open innovation projects? With what kind of interlocutors?

Bandyer is always open to innovation and open innovation projects, because we believe that collaboration is a fundamental element to grow, achieve goals and understand how the development of our solution can better adapt itself to the needs of our customers.
As a company we participate in several Open Innovation calls organized by important companies on the market with the aim of making the development and integration of our technology always in line with their needs and methods of action. It is very important for us to learn from large groups because it allows us to improve and optimize our solution on the basis of the objectives, strategies and thoughts of our possible customers.
Bandyer also often takes part in calls for tenders and competitions, such as UniCredit StartLab, during which, in 2017, we won the best Italian digital startup award, Connext of Confindustria, and in 2019 we won both Call4Innovation as a startup and Open Italy, where we competed for the digital category.

What are your growth targets “by 2020”?

Bandyer’s solution today covers and satisfies the needs of multiple sectors including banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, training and human resources, assisting companies in the collaboration, communication and management of their end customers.
We aim to become more and more leaders in the Italian market of integrated communication within web and mobile applications, exploiting the gap the big players currently have in approaching these projects. However, we are aware that in the future this gap will be less and less significant and, as a consequence, we are working to consolidate and develop all the projects we are involved in.
In addition to this, we are also focusing on everything that is the smart glasses segment and this is confirmed by the important partnership we have established with Google, but also on AR and AI, committing ourselves to bring continuous innovation and to further develop the ability to intercept the needs of our customers.

How is your team composed and what kind of profiles are you interested in?

Bandyer today has a team of 20 people, which is constantly growing, with an average age of 30 years, characterized by professional profiles related to different areas, including: IT, Sales and Sales, Marketing and Communication and HR. At the moment we have many open positions and are looking for professionals mainly related to IT. Bandyer is looking for candidates who want to get involved, do their best and work as a team to achieve important goals together.

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