PENTA and the value of partnerships between fintechs

Penta has just closed a €18,5 million financing round and announced that it will invest the new capital in the development of its digital marketplace to improve its offering. We interviewed Bruno Reggiani, Country Manager Italy, to understand how the platform’s launch is going in Italy and what strategy it is pursuing in our country.

With what strategy did you launch Penta on the Italian market? With what results?

Penta is a Business Banking platform that is only focused on serving Startups and SMEs. We decided to focus on this target as we really wanted to create a solution tailored on small businesses needs.

The strategy of the Italian launch of Penta has been structured on 3 different pillars: an in-depth market research to understand the pains and needs of our ideal customers and identify the differences between German and Italian businesses; and integrated marketing and communication strategy which has allowed us to push our brand awareness in Italy and immediately connect to potential customers and partners also thanks to local activities and events; a huge effort in business and partnerships development, in order to find the perfect partners to create value together and enforce the financial solutions already offered to businesses on the Italian market. The feedback right now has been great, we see a lot of potential in this market and we are working everyday to improve our services and give to Italian SMEs what they really need to manage and grow their business.

Partnership with SumUp: why Sumup, how does it work and benefits for end users?

SumUp is the perfect solution for retail businesses that have often the biggest difficulties in digitalizing their business. With SumUp we created Penta POS, a solution that allows to accept any credit or debit card, without any activation cost, and receive the payment immediately in your Penta business account, so the business owner can have full and real-time control on payments and cashflows.

Partnership with Debitoor: why Debitoor, how does it work and benefits for the end user?

Debitoor is a great invoicing solution that, thanks to the integration with Penta, allows our user to see their invoices and transactions directly connected on their Penta business accounts. The integration can be activated in a few clicks, directly from your Penta account and it’s a great benefit that allows business owner to have more control of their cashflows.

Partnership fintech – fintech. It was simple and what benefits are you getting out of it?

Finding the right partner is not always easy, as integrations take time and efforts to be created and is always fundamental to figure out together how both companies (and in particular customers!) can benefit from them. It is very important that partners share the same vision and intentions in growing their services in a customer-centric perspective – and unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time.

But we had the great luck and opportunity to find the right partners very quickly and to create lean processes to test the benefits our collaboration, so we can’t wait to partner with more companies and creating value together for our customers!

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