For CrowdFundMe 2019 is going to be a very challenging year

In 2019, CrowdFundMe in 2019 “wants to bring the year in with a bang” says CEO Tommaso Baldissera Pacchetti after deciding to commence the listing process on AIM Borsa Italiana. “We want to be the first fintech company to be listed on the stock exchange and the first crowdfunding portal to be listed in the world,” he explains. was founded in 2013 as a startup helping Italian entrepreneurs find funds for their projects and offering new opportunities for investing/diversifying the portfolio for investors, in exchange for shares in the company. Since the beginning of its activity, this platform has collected a total of 5,470 investments for a value of 11,480,000 euros and has launched 59 campaigns, 41 of which were closed successfully (overfunded and in advance compared to the fixed term).

In these months the objectives of Baldissera Pacchetti and its team are to implement the platform technologically as well as the marketing activity. But not only that! “A fundamental challenge for us is that of financial education, to disseminate as much as possible the knowledge of equity crowdfunding as a useful instrument for raising capital and as an opportunity for diversifying the portfolio by entering the capital of companies with high growth potential – explains Baldissera Pacchetti – This is one of the goals we have in common with the Fintech District and with many of the companies that are part of it: a strong synergy for promoting of a more informed financial education would undoubtedly benefit the entire ecosystem “.

The main directions in which CrowdFundMe intends to work towards in pursuing its goal of leadership on the Italian equity crowdfunding market are three: to expand the number of investors interested in equity; to focus on SMEs looking for a way to accelerate their business; to continue to innovate.

Furthermore, the current government is aiming to stimulate the growth of the entire sector. In fact, Baldissera Pacchetti recalls that “in the Budget Law for 2019, the possibility was confirmed for equity crowdfunding platforms to also place startup and SME bonds. They are thus made available to the most liquid instruments which also offer a certain kind of deadline. CrowdFundMe will, therefore, be able to look at a market that, with regard to small and medium-sized enterprises only, moved 1.4 billion euros in 2017 “.

The “crescendo” of CrowdFundMe

For those wishing to highlight the most important milestones of the success of CrowdfundMe, here they are, year by year.

  • 2013 Two young people create a startup to help entrepreneurs all over Italy find funds for their projects and offer new investment opportunities/diversification of the portfolio to investors, in exchange of shares in the company. Its name is CrowdFundMe
  • 2014 CrowdFundMe becomes operative
  • 2016 CrowdFundMe closes the year with 500 thousand euros of raising and a turnover of 15 thousand euros. It becomes the first platform to introduce, with Click & investi, a procedure to execute online the entire Mifid investment process, the first and only one to do self-placement and the first to offer a registration service.
  • 2017 CrowdFundME registers the entry of 122 new investors and finances projects of around 3 million euros in 12 months.
  • 2018 CrowdFundMe exceeds 8 million euros in funding and has an annual turnover of 370 thousand euros

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