Claudio Cubito explains ScuolaPay’s crowdfunding campaign

In two days, the ScuolaPay campaign launched by GrowishPay raised 150,000 euros and has now reached 640K euros thanks to a campaign on the 200Crowd platform. A capital increase is still open and CEO Claudio Cubito aims to reach a million euros with industrial investors. After a ” brilliant ” start, the collection has continued day after day through hard work to get to the results obtained so far.

The amount of money raised will be used for marketing, development and launch of the ScuolaPay platform, an innovative payment app for the 8 million Italians who have to pay over 2.8 billion euros each year for school activities. Alongside GrowishPay in this new project are Gruppo Spaggiari Parma and SisalPay, the two suppliers of technologies and services.

The success factors of our campaign were mainly three, according to Cubito: the success story of GrowishPay, the product ScuolaPay and the collaboration with 200 Crowd.

“Behind us, we have 4 years of success: with our current business we have just exceeded 20 million euros of payment transactions from over 80 thousand users and we serve 1000 merchants. ScuolaPay is also a product that meets the needs of most of the target audience of the campaign and that has therefore personally involved potential investors. The third success factor is the synergy that has been created with 200 Crowd supporting us in a constant way in the following of investors, convince convincing them to increase the payment and encourage them to talk about it with other friends.

The next goal of Cubito is the launch in early September of ScuolaPay, in, but there will also be a pre-subscription campaign and thanks to the website interested parties can learn how to use this new service that “will change the lives of parents and school reps”.

After this experience, however, Cubito noticed it is difficult to understand if the results obtained are thanks to the platform. “The big question is how big a crowd there is behind the equity crowdfunding. It’s about teamwork. The crowdfunding campaign gives you great visibility and allows you to show investors the results you are achieving, both in terms of business and in terms of the collection – he explains – On the other hand, however, it is very difficult to start with a campaign if you do not have a pre-commitment. Having a number of investors you have already convinced, before opening the campaign serves for the launching and also for convincing others. The likelihood is that in Italy the total idea of ”crowd” is still missing. It is difficult to start a project without having conducted a pre-campaign and still expecting everyone to come. I don’t know if in other countries it’s different or if it’s necessary everywhere to do have that strong pre-commitment and pre-marketing activity we had”.

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